5 Habits You MUST Ditch Today


We take care of our homes, our cars and our kids but how much time and effort do we really spend in taking care of ourselves?

We all know what we should be doing but aren’t, and we all know the things that are bad for us but we still do. There are always excuses and there is always tomorrow. Until it’s too late.

Our health is the most important thing we have. Here are five habits you MUST ditch today for a healthier, fitter tomorrow:


Stop Smoking

Yes, that old chestnut. But it’s true. Smoking is responsible for so many illnesses and deaths every single year. Not to mention the financial implications – and have you smelt your clothes, your hair and your home? Really, there isn’t anything that’s very attractive about smoking at all. Thankfully there are many products on the market now that can help make quitting much easier than it used to be. From nicotine patches to substituting with a Vapour E Cig, the number of excuses you used to have just got a lot smaller.


Eat Less

Chances are you eat far more than you need to and that results in a little extra cushioning around your belly, your thighs or all round.  If you are guilty of piling your plate high it’s time to retrain your brain and your stomach with good old portion control. Get the kitchen scales out and weigh and measure everything. Keeping a record of your daily food intake in a notebook or with apps such as My Fitness Pal will help you to see exactly how much each mouthful adds up to by the end of the day. You are likely to be surprised – and not in a good way!


Eat Right

As importantly as eating less is eating right. Processed foods are full of empty calories that don’t do anything for energy levels at all. Making the right choices and choosing natural, low-calorie, high fibre foods will give your body more energy, will raise your concentration levels and clear your skin, making you healthier all round.


Move More

We are not telling you to run a marathon right away, but even a twenty minute walk a day is enough to give your body a boost. Incorporating more activity into your everyday life is simple – take the stairs instead of the lift, carry shopping home instead of taking the car or bus, walk the dogs for ten minutes more. If you’re so inclined, invest in some football equipment to turn your own back garden into your own football stadium for you and the kids.
Exercise is good for body and mind and our bodies were made to move, not to veg out on the sofa. Exercise is also a good release of dopamine, a natural boost that makes you happier and more positive, so therefore it’s a great relief if you suffer from depression too.


Sleep enough

For a decent night’s sleep ensure there’s no technology in your room – you don’t want to be on alert for the next text or call. Try to establish a decent daily routine that you stick to even at the weekend. And remember, sleeping too much can be as detrimental as sleeping too little.




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