Where to go, What to Get: The Best Souvenirs from the Road




There are so many amazing places to travel all over the world and although impossible to pick one favorite, I do have a quite a few memorable places that I have been and a few specific places picked out for my next trip. When our family travels, we usually find a few things that really amplify our trip and make it great. When we find those things, we try to buy them so that we can take them with us and remember the amazing memory we had while traveling to that specific area. Travel and memories are so important to me, so I wanted to come up with a list of a few places that I like, or want to travel to and what you should bring home from that place.



Bologna is a small college town in the Emilia Romagna region in Northern Italy. It also doubles as the food capital Italy, which is always a pleasant surprise! Because of this, almost everywhere you go (as long as you avoid tourist traps), you will find amazing food. A lot of people forget, or don’t think about adding Bologna to their travel itinerary, but I highly recommend it because there is so much to do! Because of the food talents that Bologna has, I recommend sticking with items that you can bring home to savor. Parmigiano-Reggiano is a fantastic option because Parma is part of Emilia Romagna. Along the same lines as Parmigiano-Reggiano, you also have balsamic. Balsamic is carefully crafted in Modena, right on the outskirts of Italy. Spend your day touring parm and balsamic factories and then take some home to savor. According to The Berger Bungalow, the Italian Days Food Tour is a great option. Another great idea would be wine. Two wines that Emilia Romagna is known for is their Pignoletto and Lambrusco. Grab a few bottles and ship them home! Remember, if you are traveling on an airplane with wine, you have to ship it, or put it in your checked luggage.



Atlanta, Georgia: home of the peaches! Everyone has heard about Atlanta in some way or another and there is a lot that you can do while you are there! The Coca-Cola factory calls Atlanta home and you can tour and taste all of the different Coke products around the world! Once you finish going through the museum, you can purchase souvenirs if you’d like, although I suggest skipping that area and saving your money for better items. Another great place you can go while in Atlanta is The Georgia Aquarium. That’s a great option for kids! When you are ready to take home items, I suggest looking into peach jam, or other peach products. Georgia is known for their peaches and you just cannot leave the area without purchasing some!






London is a very kid-friendly location to visit, so of course I recommend it! There are many things to do while in London, but one that you have to follow through with is having afternoon tea. According to Conde Nast Traveler, The Savoy, The Ritz, Claridge’s and The Lanesboroug are all great places to have your afternoon tea at. For souvenirs, a tea set would be a magnificent idea since you just enjoyed an afternoon sipping it while there!


Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a city in Thailand. Set in the north mountainous area, the old history of the town reaps with enjoyment. It was founded in 1296 and was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom until 1558. Now, tourists visit Chiang Mai for its temples, food, cultural experiences, and of course, elephants! No matter what you are going for, you will get it in Chiang Mai – it is a gorgeous city. While there, feel free to enjoy the food (there is even a one hundred year old egg that you can eat if you are brave enough), bathe elephants, get plenty of massages, enjoy fresh fruit smoothies, and go look at temples. When you are ready to go home and buy a souvenir, think about thai silk, wood carvings, or lanterns. This would surely remind you of your great time in Chiang Mai!





Located in the remote, green mountains of Qinxi in China, Longquan is a famed sword making town with over 2,600 years of sword making experience, making Longquan swords the most traditional ancient weapons of China. When you travel to Longquan, there are many things that you can do. The Longquan Mountain of Lishui is the number one attraction, according to TripAdvisor. Many historical attractions and cultural experiences can be found in Longquan and it may be a place to put on your travel list in the years to come. Since Longquan is a sword-making town, I highly recommend seeking out a sword to bring home! Now, this is a bit challenging because of the rules on airlines, so instead of bringing one on the airplane (which is probably not allowed), you could just order one online. When I looked, I found Swords of Northshire. The reason I picked this company is because all of their swords are hand forged in Longquan. Perfect, right?! On top of being hand forged there, Swords of Northshire also has amazing customer service, but don’t just trust my opinion. Check out their website and read their reviews like this one from their website: “I collect all kinds of swords, and I can honestly say the one I just got from swords of northshire is my favorite and one of the best quality blades I’ve ever gotten thank you so much!”




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