Creating a Family Friendly Bathroom


There are a lot of great things about having kids, but what happens to your bathroom is not one of them. Suddenly, your sophisticated Zen bathroom is full of plastic bath toys, laundry and a seemingly endless array of ointments, creams and kiddie hygiene products.

The days of being able to lay back and enjoy a long, peaceful bath are long gone. Fortunately, there are ways to restore the balance a bit and turn your bathroom into a space everyone can use and enjoy.


Eliminate obvious risks

For the sake of safety, it is wise to swap your glass shower screen​ for a plastic one. You can buy some beautiful shower screens on this page and do so without having to spend a fortune.


The right mirror

When the kids are little, it is best not to buy the kind that almost touches the sink. It will only get smeared with toothpaste and splashes. You will be forever cleaning it.

A better option is the free hanging kind that has a light over the top. Provided you hang it at the right height, the kids will still be able to see enough to comb their hair and brush their teeth properly. Be super careful about how you secure it to the wall. You do not want it to fall or for the kids to be able to pull it away from the wall.

When you choose a mirror with a light make sure the switch is out of reach of the kids. If you don’t your electric bills will soar. Kids just cannot resist turning on a light, and rarely remember to turn it off again.



To get rid of some of the clutter install some extra storage. For the toys, a net that is attached to the wall is a great idea. After the kids get out of the bath you can gather up their toys and put them in the net so they drip dry. When you want a bath, just take the net off of the wall and put it somewhere while you relax and chill out.

Giving everyone their own drawer or a plastic tub on the bottom shelf of the bathroom cabinet can help to keep the clutter down. As the kids get older they will appreciate having somewhere to stow their personal beauty products out of reach of their siblings.



A lock

Naturally, you do not want your children to be able to lock themselves in the bathroom, but you do need to make sure you can have some privacy. To make sure this happens, install a new lock, but put it high enough up the door so the kids cannot reach it. The simplest approach is to use a hook and eye. That way when the kids are old enough all you need to do is to remove it fill in the small holes and install a proper lock at a more normal height.


A notice for the door

If like mine, your kids will not leave you in peace when you are in the bathroom you could always try putting a sign on the door. Apparently, some parents have success with this approach. Although I am not 100% sure it would work with mine. The simplest approach is to use a suction sucker and hang a sign from it that says something like ‘Can’t it wait!’ just as an aide memoir. If nothing else it is a fun idea that would not cost too much to try.


A lockable bathroom cabinet

Having somewhere to lockable that you can use to store medications, scissors and other sharp items is important. It makes sense to buy one that is big enough for items like hair dye, or that expensive face cream your mum bought you. The last thing you want is to find that your six-year old has got his or her hands on it and used it to transform themselves into a white faced swamp monster.



More ideas

If you want more ideas about how to create a family bathroom you can find them here. This article goes into far more detail than I have above. It covers things like what materials to use and how to get the layout right.


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