5 Places for a Two to Four Week Volunteering Trip



When looking at volunteering destinations, it is wise to seek out developing countries that could truly benefit from the help. If you approach your volunteering opportunities in this manner, you will find that you will have a rewarding experience and truly make a difference in the process. Some examples of ideal countries to pursue are India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Costa Rica, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Bear in mind that each of these countries have their own unique currency to include: India (INR), Sri Lanka (LKR), Thailand (THB), Costa Rica (CRC), Tanzania (TZS), and South Africa (ZAR). So if you want to bring some money with you, be sure to check for the best exchange rates from different companies. A good option would be to check the Covent Garden FX rates.

Consider the list of recommendations below when trying to decide which destination is the ideal place for you to volunteer abroad:


Volunteer Destinations in India

  • WWOOFing in India: WWOOFing in India is a way to volunteer on organic farms in in India. Since many of the teachings of organic food come from India and the East, it is a great experience to learn how to work on an organic farm. This volunteer opportunity is ideal for individuals that do not mind rural areas and are open to adventure.
  • Rural Organisation for Social Elevation: Another great opportunity for volunteering is the Rural Organisation for Social Elevation. Volunteer opportunities can consist of: construction, teaching, and farming. The idea behind this organization is to make a positive difference in elevating the local community’s standard of living through volunteer work and teachings.


Where to Volunteer in Sri Lanka

  • The Great Projects: There are many wonderful projects related to assisting with wildlife conservation efforts in Sri Lanka through the Great Projects. Specifically, travellers can volunteer for protecting elephants and turtles in Sri Lanka.  


A Reliable Option for Volunteering in Thailand

  • The Friends for Asia Foundation: The Friends for Asia Foundation offers many unique opportunities for nurses and doctors to volunteer in both Bangkok and Chang Mai. This programme has a special chance to help in orphanages in Northern Thailand that greatly benefit from the support of the volunteers.  


The Ideal Place to Volunteer in Costa Rica

  • Bamboo: Bamboo is a volunteer organization in Costa Rica that allows individuals to volunteer with both teaching and caring for children. This is a great way to not only live the tranquil pace of life in Costa Rica, but it is also a wonderful way to give back to the community in the developing world.


Trustworthy Places to Volunteer in Africa

  • South Africa – Volunteer Southern Africa: Volunteer Southern Africa is a wonderful place to give back to protect animal rights while simultaneously being exposed to gorgeous animals in South Africa. Volunteer Southern Africa places volunteers in various places around the country that are dedicated to protecting animals.
  • Tanzania – VSO: VSO is an impressive volunteer organization that not only provides support to developing communities, but it also provides them with the tools to generate more income for their families. For individuals that are more business-based and would like to teach regarding entrepreneurship, this is a great way to do that and really make an impact.  


Concluding Remarks on the Subject

Today, there are many remarkable opportunities to volunteer in exotic places all over the globe. The key to truly finding the right volunteer experience for you is to honestly ask yourself what your best skillset is. In doing so, you will be able to figure out which sort of organizations that you should be targeting to make the largest difference in the local community. Once you decide on a project to participate in, you will need to research what the current exchange rate is in comparison to GBP in order to ascertain what your overall costs will be to partake in the volunteer opportunity. The reason for this is that many of these organizations may charge a volunteer fee in the local currency. Having an exact idea of what you will be paying whilst you are volunteering will allow you to make exciting travel plans on the weekends and set realistic financial expectations for your upcoming volunteering experience. Bear in mind that there is a wealth of opportunities out there to make a difference in the world and it is absolutely worthwhile to do so while travelling to new exotic locale.



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