5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Garden This Summer


It’s here, it’s here! Summer has arrived in all its glory and we don’t want to miss a moment of it! Want to make the best of the sunshine on your doorstep? Make sure your garden is ready for entertaining, relaxing or even just a nap in the sunshine with the following:


Get Cooking

One of the first things we all reach for when sunshine is forecast is a delicious, home-made barbecue. With so many different sizes and types of BBQs available you can cater for any sized party nowdays, whether it’s an intimate, romantic dinner for two or a family feast!


Take a Seat…

Of course, there’s no point in cooking outdoors if you have to take your food back indoors to eat. Create a comfortable place for everyone to gather with some outdoor dining furniture. Those with removable cushions make for easy cleaning – particularly handy if you have young children!


…Or a Nap!

My personal favourite is the day bed. I mean, what more could you possibly need but sunshine, a good book and a cool drink except for one of these? Unfortunately, even if I did treat myself to one, I have a feeling the kids would oust me from it before I could even get a chance to enjoy it myself.


Keep Warm

A lovely day in the great outdoors need not end when the sun goes down. Patio heaters are a marvellous idea but I prefer a good old fire pit to provide a little camping feel to the occasion. You can even toast your marshmallows on it, making it fabulous fun for adults and children alike.


Beat the Bugs

The not-so-great side of summer is all the biting, annoying bugs it brings with it. Short of arming everyone with a fly swat and hoping they aim is accurate enough for the bugs rather than other guests, try dotting a few citronella candles around the garden instead. The aroma from the citronella masks scents that bugs find attractive such as carbon dioxide and the lactic acid that we humans possess, so light up a few and hopefully the bugs will stay at bay!



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