Our Pac to the 80s Night with The National Lottery’s New PAC-MAN Scratchcards


Here’s a confession: on the occasional Saturday night when most of the children are in bed, Mike and I like to pop open a bottle of wine or two and spend the evening listening to old favourites and the just plain cheesy songs from the 80s.

Cait joins in.

Ben goes to his room.

It’s a thing we do.

We have no shame in admitting it either, people!

So when we were invited along to an 80s pub quiz at Kensington’s Maggie’s Club it was a definite ‘how can we possibly miss this?!’ moment. When the invitation stated that there would also be a special guest my hopes that I would finally meet and marry Adam Ant soared sky high. I had his poster on my wall when I was young. He was my first and only true, true love (sorry, Mike. But you know the score when it comes to Adam Ant. But at least you are the lucky man that got to marry me, right?).


The event was organised in order to mark Camelot and the National Lottery’s latest scratchcard launch featuring the iconic PAC-MAN. There were a host of parent bloggers present a few of which I recognised but didn’t get to speak to any apart from those we were teamed up with – Tracey and her other half from Oh Pretty City and another couple whose names I didn’t get as the music was so loud, so I am not quite sure where they blog.

The evening began with a PAC MAN TINI cocktail because, well, who doesn’t love a shot of vodka in order to prepare for a competitive 80s trivia challenge?





Throw in some Dolly Mixtures on Rubik’s Cube tables and you’re in 80s heaven, I tell you! Especially when you start the evening sitting opposite a picture of Adam Ant hanging on the wall.




Whilst I was drooling intensely studying said picture, Mike attempted to win a fortune from one of the scratchcards on our table. Each PAC-MAN scratchcard costs £2 and could possibly win you £80,000 but do note that you do need to be 16-years-old or over to play. With a 4.23 chance of winning and four scratchcards on our table to choose from, it would be mere seconds before we could make our excuses and run and skip gaily down the road (PAC MAN Tinis in hand because they were quite delicious), to purchase our holiday home in the sunshine…




He won!

A whole £2!




Not wanting to make a fuss and determined that our new-found fortune would not change us, we decided to put purchasing our holiday home on hold and stay for the rest of the evening. We couldn’t let our team down, after all.




And so, an evening of 80s beats (no Adam and the Ants though. What on earth…?!) and trivia began, complete with paper aeroplane making – one of my better skills, let me modestly tell you – although how that fits in with the 1980s I’m not quite sure, and a Boy George almost-look-a-like as the special guest.





Mike, pointing out early on how we met and started dating in the 80s left me feeling quite old, given that they are now five decades ago. Yep, say it like that and anyone of you that remember them clearly now also feels ancient, don’t you now? Ha, if I’m going down I’m taking you all with me!

Two of our team, the two people whose names I didn’t catch, left our team early so they missed the glory of our team being joint first at the end. The tie-breaker was down to Mike to deal with.


pactothe80s tiebreaker


He lost.

I knew I should have married Adam Ant. 

We may not have won but boy [George], was it a fun evening indeed!


Thank you to Camelot and the National Lottery for inviting us along to this event in order to promote the PAC-MAN scratchcards. 



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