Would you rather own a vehicle or use public transit?


Living in a big city, you often run into people who commute by public transit, or in other words; do not own a vehicle. That is typical city living. If you know you won’t be leaving the city very often, then what’s the point of investing thousands of dollars into something you will not use? Each month you will have to budget between $100-300 depending on where you live, to commute to your commitments. If you have a family, that could get very costly as each person would have to spend that amount of money on a transit pass. Now what is the deciding factor?

Yet, living in the Country that is a different story. Getting around by public transit is almost impossible, if not impossible. You can’t rely on buses to pick you up or taxis everyday if you are travelling long distances. That would be crazy expensive! Uber? Yes, that could be a cheaper option; if Uber even operates where you live. Most likely, if you are living in the Country you own a vehicle or several.

Owning your own vehicle comes with many hidden costs. Insurance? Gas? It is not as easy as buying a transit pass each month and you’re good to go. But, there are many benefits. Do you have to be at work each day early in the morning? Do you like to go on road trips? Do you have kids that take part in extracurricular activities? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions… Owning a vehicle would be beneficial to your lifestyle. You know you have to be at work at 9:00am each morning and the drive takes 20 minutes. Great, you can leave your house at 8:30 if you own a vehicle. So, if you work at 9:00am and you have to take public transit, in most cities it will take you twice as long to get to work. That is taking into consideration all the stops you will have to make. Not even how many people are waiting to use the same bus/subway as you are.

Now to choose which kind of vehicle you would want to invest in. Decisions… Decisions… Would you want something practical for every season? Something eye catching? Both would be ideal. When deciding which vehicle is the best for you and your family, the last thing you would want to do is; choose an ugly car. Ugly cars do not make your kids look good, when they show up at their friend’s house. I know every kid in his or her teenage years would agree with this statement.

Well let’s see… Did your parents ever drive a minivan at one time, and you were too embarrassed to get out? That is because you didn’t want to be seen in such an ‘ugly car’ right? I get it. As you grow older, you find beauty in the car you once portrayed as ugly. That mini van you use to be ashamed to sit in, is now the best transportation you have ever owned. Sliding doors and a DVD player for long road trips… That is the epitome of luxury and convenience. Now, I am no sponsor to any dealerships, but if you had my opinion on owning your own vehicle or using public transit…  I would have to say pay the extra money and buy your own vehicle. You will be able to ride in comfort, have the convenience at your fingertips and show up in style… that is if you don’t buy an ugly car! Your teenage kids would love it.



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