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I recently came across this survey carried out by Slater Gordon family solicitors about #FamilyMadeSimple and it really got me thinking about how family life has changed so much since Mike and I were youngsters. Gone are the days when a family unit was made up of a husband, a wife and 2.4 children.

These days the concept of ‘family’ is way more flexible than that.  This modern day fluidity now often includes special people you may consider family despite having no blood connection at all, or people you share a strong bond or mutual connection with. They do say friends are the family we choose after all.

Now if you’re familiar with Larger Family Life, you’ll know I’m the proud mum of 13 wonderful kids, which is pretty unconventional in itself I guess. You might also know that we like to fill our spare time with as many globetrotting adventures as possible, so I wanted to offer some tips on keeping your family unit tight knit when travelling.

This advice may be useful whether you’re travelling with family members in tow or loving via long distance relationships.  


Connect with each other on social media

Social media is great way to keep in the loop with what your loved ones are doing, where they are in the world, what they’re eating for breakfast etc. without having to dedicate time to a daily phone call. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat mean you can follow (literally) their journeys and update them on yours in a fun and hassle-free way.



Try and stick to a regular routine

This one’s particularly important if you’re taking kids along on your travels or if you’ve got any back home who might be missing you. Try and maintain regular bed times and meal times so as not to muddle sleeping patterns or digestive habits too much (this is important for adults too).

If you’re going to away for an extended period of time, it might also be a good idea to take along some educational books to keep brains ticking and learning when you find yourself with some spare time on a long haul flight or sitting in airport lounge. The human brain responds well to routine so try to keep things sensible and organised even when you’re full of the holiday spirit.



Take advantage of good old video chat

When you embark on a brand new adventure, remember that homesickness can kick in when you least expect it, especially for little ones. Planning a Skype session or a FaceTime call can ensure you keep touch with the most important people in your life. Make sure you’re in an area with good internet connection because there’s nothing more frustrating that stuttering your way through a long winded account of your day only to find out that the ear on the other end of the phone has got lost somewhere in cyber land!


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