Homeward Bound

I cannot quite believe that in only five days we will be back home. Equally, I can’t believe that it is only five days since we left Greece which was our home for over a month. Our plans to camp our way back up have been scuppered with a combination of illness and incredibly poor weather so a change of plans have included forgoing tent camping for glamping instead. We made a late discovery of the Lake Shkodra resort which was absolutely fantastic and somewhere I would wholly recommend. It sits near the north Albanian border so it was a good spot sitting pretty midway between our previous stay at the bottom of Albania and our next stop in Croatia, where I’m currently typing this post. I have to admit that I am pretty pleased that we changed our plans. Our trip from south to north Albania two days ago saw us caught up in quite torrential rain and by the time we reached the resort we were watching lightning dance across the lake as the thunder roared. Today saw us hit the road at 9am for what was supposed to be a five and a half hour drive to Croatia through Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. That estimate was way off as, between rude and shouty border control at Montenegro, two police stops and two further waits through two more borders, we didn’t arrive until over nine hours later. We are now staying overnight in three cabins and as I type away, I can hear the waves crashing as the wind howls away outside. Something is flying about outside and I don’t think it’s the birds! One thing is for sure, it’s definitely not tent camping weather within the Balkan mountains at the momen! I still can’t believe that after almost two months away, we will be back home next week. Back to the daily grind! I do hope the weather is better than it is here so that we can get a few days out and about. It’s funny how we think nothing about driving all over Europe but we haven’t seen things that are actually extremely close to home so I am determined that we’re going to do more exploring when we get back. I much prefer being out with the kids than stuck indoors – when the weather is good at least. I am so not a winter person and I had to smile when I saw this video by www.chill.ie which stated that 65% of us prefer summer – I am definitely in that percentage! Personally, I love hot weather, good food, great culture and new places but it’s comforting to return home too, I guess! And even if travel isn’t on the cards for a while, there’s nothing quite like getting out and blowing away the cobwebs anyway nearer your own doorsep, is there? Stay home or get out and about, what’s your preference?       Site Policy

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