Why Solo Travellers Should Choose an American Singles Adventure Holiday


Singles adventure holidays are a fantastic way to get out there, meet some new people and see the world’s great beauty. It can be difficult and intimidating to plan a vacation as a single traveller, which is why these solo holidays are such a brilliant idea. There are many great places to consider, but none better than America – a land of outstanding natural beauty and somewhere that is perfect for an unforgettable adventure.

Here are a few reasons why any solo traveller should seriously consider a singles adventure holiday to America:


Intimate Experience

Whilst there is a lot to be said for travelling solo, it is also something that should be a shared experience. These trips utilise small groups led by an experienced tour leader, which ensures that you get a fun, intimate and special experience in a land that has an incredible amount to offer any visitor. Small groups also ensures that there is no waiting around for people and the travelling is a lot smoother.


New Friends

By travelling in a small group, you are sure to make many new friends and possibly ones for life (who knows, you may even meet that special someone). Making friends on these holidays is much easier than anywhere else as you are sharing an intimate experience.


No Singles Supplements

One of the major deterrence of travelling solo is single supplements, which can make vacations and activities extremely costly. When you book with a company like Grand American Adventures, you will share rooms with same sex passengers or have a room to yourself at no extra cost.


Stunning Setting

As such a gigantic place, America has outstanding and extremely varied scenery – this makes it a fantastic place for an adventure holiday. Whether you are travelling through the rugged desert, exploring the magnificent National Parks, rafting on an epic lake in the Rockies or watching incredible wildlife in Alaska, it is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


Adventure Opportunities

As America has such incredible scenery, it makes it the ultimate destination for an adventure holiday. Your singles adventure holiday could include horseback riding, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, dog sledding, camping under the stars and much, much more.


No Language Barrier

Another reason that America is an excellent choice for a singles adventure holiday is that there is no language barrier. A language barrier can be extremely isolating when you do not know anybody, but you will be able to communicate with everybody and enjoy conversing with new people every single day on one of these trips.


If you planning a vacation as a solo traveller, a singles adventure holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.





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