Casting Out the Kitchenette – 6 Tips For Expanding Your Kitchen Space

Is there anything more exciting than a new renovation for your home? That anticipation where you are facing a fresh era of a space transformed into something magical for you and your family to enjoy has got to be one of the most exciting parts of home improvement. Plus, if the myriad of blogs and magazines dedicated to home renovation are anything to go by, the rest of the world knows how exciting a new kitchen renovation project is too.

Kitchen renovations are one of the most common things you can do for home improvement. Why? Because you get a lot out of it. Consider the fact that we spend 2.5 years of our life cooking and it makes sense that you’d improve the kitchen in your home! While a kitchen renovation is very rewarding it can also be quite complex, and that’s why it’s vital that you ensure you get it right from the start. You should take the step of speaking to an expert before you get started, so that you can enjoy smooth sailing once people start ripping out the old cabinets. We want to provide you with six tips you can follow to ensure that your kitchen renovation comes off without a hitch.


Design the kitchen slowly, and consider everything

We highly recommend that you sit down with an expert here to make sure that you get everything right. Don’t rush things – in fact, you should take your time figuring out fixtures, fittings and finishes. If you spend the extra time in the preliminary stage, you’ll enjoy a far better outcome down the line when things are running smoothly. Source dream kitchen inspiration from blogs online, or get in touch with a kitchen design expert for more information.

Rip out the old kitchen

You might be selling some of the old fixtures and fittings on, or you might just be scrapping the lot, depending on how old your kitchen is and what kind of condition things are in. Either way you want to clean off the barbecue and start a season of cooking al fresco, or set up a gas burner on the deck where you can make your dinners. It’s critical that things start moving along pretty soon after you rip out the old kitchen, so you’re not without the right kind of cooking space for too long.

Get building

If you’ve hired a professional company to get the kitchen built, then things aren’t going to be too much of a hassle here. Just schedule the work in and make sure the plumber knows when the electrician is going to be there, and vice versa. Good communication is key here to keeping things rolling along smoothly.

Choose your finishes

You might have already figured this stuff out way back in the start, but some people leave the final flourishes for the end stage. Whatever camp you’re in, just make sure to think about price and to think about the ease of cleaning for certain items, and then get them installed! Don’t drag your heels thinking about the pros and cons for too long; if you love something just go for it.


Install your splashback

The final touch to your kitchen will be your splashback, so once this is up you know things are pretty much done. All that’s left to do is move all of your old cutlery, plates, pots and pans into your new drawers and invite everyone around for a kitchen-warming dinner party!


Enjoy your kitchen

While we know this doesn’t have to technically be a step on the enjoyment scale, we threw it in here anyway! We hope you are loving your kitchen inspiration and are gearing up for a new and exciting kitchen in your home.





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