My Top 5 Favourite Furniture Pieces for the Quirky Home



It has been a couple of years since our living room was redecorated and, whilst I love the plain white scheme when it’s crisp and fresh, it is an understatement to say that it has lost its freshness. Between the kids and the dogs the carpet has seen far better days and will be replaced with flooring, I think, but the mainly white background will stay – albeit with a fresh coat or two.

Whilst my own taste is slightly more traditional I have to admit that love some of the unique pieces from The Kairos Collective Mid Century Modernist Furniture Boutique for their quirkiness.

The puppies also did a stellar job on using the sofa as a chew toy. To say I was unimpressed is yet another understatement. When the kids leave home and the dogs stop chewing, this velvet sofa would definitely be on my list. Loving the Italian style and check out those curves…

kairos collective velvet sofa

I absolutely love the mosaic design of this 1950s coffee table that has been created with enamelled pumice stone. The roughened edges and iron base give it a wonderfully rustic look as well as sturdy functionality.


kairos collective coffee table

If I had to choose one piece and one piece only it would definitely be this Scandinavian oak trunk that dates back all the way to the early 1800s. All the metal work is hand-wrought and with a fully functioning lock and key this is perfect storage for my collection of handmade quilts and blankets.


kairos collective trunk


I have included this eyeball light not for its aesthetic quality but because of its humourous property that those who have nosy neighbours will identify with. It did make me laugh and would be certain to be a talking point for any guest that stops by!


Kairos collective eyeball lamp


Finally, if it’s flamboyant you want, then it’s flamboyant you get with this incredible green glass pineapple! In the days before refrigeration was easily available, the pineapple was considered a rare fruit of the affluent. Whilst the real things might be more readily available to us now, the £3500 price tag of this centrepiece is akin to its previous symbolic status indeed!


kairos collective pineapple


Do you have a quirky favourite from the collection that you would love to see in your home? I’d love to hear what it is!





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