Visiting Our Sponsored Child: Uganda – here we come (again!)


Our regular readers (both of you, hello!), may well recall a post last year announcing how Caitlin and I would be taking a trip to Uganda with child sponsorship charity Compassion UK.

Sadly, after our trip was finalised but yet to be taken my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I, being his main help, could not leave him. His health deteriorated rapidly and Cait and I opted to postpone the trip. My father died the day we would have landed in Uganda.

Our trip was rearranged for November. Once again, tragedy struck and my brother found out his leukaemia had returned and was untreatable. Once again we were in the position to decide on whether to proceed with the trip or not. We decided against it and tragically, we lost my brother only a few days before we were due to leave.

We are very happy to announce that we will now be proceeding with the trip later this year where we will have the opportunity to visit the young lady we have sponsored since she was a little girl. Not only that, but we will be taking a look behind the scenes of Compassion’s work and discovering first hand what a huge difference child sponsorship really makes to a child’s life. If this isn’t something you have considered before, we hope you might do so either now or once you have followed what will undoubtedly be an eye-opening and emotional visit.

I will be sharing more details soon but in the meantime please do pop on over to Compassion UK where I’ve been blogging about our big family and the part child sponsorship has played in our lives. 


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