7 Jobs Perfect For Mums Getting Back Into Work



Returning to work can be a daunting prospect after taking time off to raise children, but never underestimate your experience and devalue yourself. It’s important you update your CV and Linkedin profile to let Recruiters know that you’re active. Also, include all of the new skills that you’ve picked up from being a mother! You’re now a very patient, problem-solving, multi-tasking machine! That said, aim for a job that you will be comfortable in and don’t push yourself too hard too fast.



Granted, cleaning is hardly the most glamorous job in the world, but there are lots of perks to it! You’ll find that becoming a cleaner could give you the kind of flexibility you need as a mum as you’ll be able to work hours that fit around you and your family. It’s also a really sociable job as you’ll be working as a part of a team, which means it’s ideal if you want to expand your social circle beyond just the kids… And finally, it’s a very customer-facing role as you’ll be interacting with the public all day long, so it’s good if you like a bit of chit chat or meeting different people every day.


Business owner

Is it time to start your own business? The fashion empire Net-a-Porter was founded by Natalie Massenet when she was pregnant with her first child, Isabella. It will take an awful lot of energy to get your own business off the ground, but if you can dig deep and stick to a strict schedule (and have buckets of passion), there’s no reason you can’t do it. Read articles like this one if you think this kind of career move is a good idea for you.


Charity Work

If finances aren’t your main priority for getting back into the working world, then have you considered charity work? It can be very rewarding to give back to your community, and the managerial positions are usually paid a basic salary. Even if you use charity work as a step up to greater things, it could give you a boost of confidence, a change of scenery and some new skills while you’re on the look-out for something else.


Freelance Writer

You can only really do this if you have good writing and research skills, but if you think words are your strong point then why not try freelancing? Plenty of companies need content writing for them so search online and put yourself out there.


Personal Trainer

You don’t have to be muscular or fastidious about your diet if you want to be a personal trainer. You just need to care about other people’s health! You’ll need to complete courses to secure the necessary qualifications, and HFE offer a range of these on their website.  You also don’t need a gym: personal trainers take their clients for workouts in the great outdoors these days – it saves money on gym memberships, and the fresh air is good for everyone!


Dog Walker

If you aren’t that keen on your own species, why not get out of those four walls with dogs instead? Plenty of people work away from home every day, leaving their pooches home alone all day. For this reason, dog walkers are very in demand and you can charge anything from £5 – £15 per dog per day depending how much time you’re spending with them.


Office assistant

Finally, if you like being among the hustle and bustle of a busy office and want to feel part of a wider team again, why not consider going into HR? Office administrators are always in demand, and you’ll get to sink your teeth into event management, travel organisation, payroll, front-of-house activities and anything else your employer needs help with. These roles are often shared by other mums too, so keep an eye out for job-shares if you want to work part time.  





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  1. I like the idea of becoming a Personal Trainer as this benefits you both ways, for your own health & fitness and as a self employed / employed work. Its a fun way of work & earn your living. These are usually short courses where you don’t have to spend years to become qualified and usually funding options are available with recognised schools such as new wave training. Go for it !

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