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What are your travel plans for 2017? Spend less for more? Perfect! This is your perfect travel guide that is sure to save your money. Traveling to exotic and far off places has always been deemed as expensive and out of reach for many.

A look at some of the travel packages to the Maldives or to Zanzibar for example proves to be quite expensive and looking at the majestic pictures is all the consolation you get. However, do you know that by doing that you close your mind off to other incredible travel opportunities? It is true and if you look at the right places, you too will travel the world. Here are proven strategies to help you get the best travel deals.


Save on airfare

There are many airlines with great offers on travel. Note that the discounts do not translate to poor service and you will get the treatment you deserve. Flights to Europe, some Caribbean and Scandinavian countries have reduced fares. Sticking to your normal courier isn’t the best alternative here. Most of the countries with great discounts and fare cuts are just starting out and they offer good services. You need a seat on the plane to get you to your dream destination, don’t you?


Be flexible

Did you know that you save more if you change your travel schedule a day before the travel date or at the airport? Did you also know that you save more by traveling before and after rush hours? Traveling after 8pm or between 5 and 7am is cheaper in most countries.


Go for the little-known travel sites

Doesn’t it always feel good to travel with a renowned travel site? Of course it does. Unfortunately, those deals aren’t always the best. Traveling cheap entails research and the best research is scouring the internet for these sites.

You will be surprised by the exciting packages and lists of travel destinations under their belt. In most cases, these sites have expansive travel destinations and plans to all continents, making them your one-stop travel shop. One such site is Luxury Link. They are becoming prominent thanks to their friendly travel packages. The other site is Trip Advisor.

These sites host some of the best hotels which, though they avoid site commissions, they have excellent services.


Call the hotel you like

If you are looking for your destination hotel without the help of a travel agency, you should consider this: call the hotel and negotiate for lower rates. This increases your chances of getting the best rates for accommodation. At the same time, negotiation could just land you the best room in the hotel. This is why you should travel without reservations.


Get around and eat out

When traveling, it is common to find specific places set out for tourists. This is a bad thing for anyone willing to explore and save money while at it. Just learn a few common words in the foreign language and walk around. You will certainly come across great eat out joints charging half or less than half what the ‘tourist’ place charges.


Check out daily deal sites

The downside of this option is having to book your hotel in advance. To avoid losses, put off booking for sometime, analyze the market, and make your move when you think a deal is at its lowest possible low.


In conclusion, traveling doesn’t have to be unbelievably expensive. Implement the strategies above and consider something bigger for hotels. Get the total cost of the package, that is, price inclusive of taxes, and utilise any travel vouchers and deals you find.


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Grace Sanders is a travel blogger at Luxury Link. She has been to over 70 countries and besides traveling, she enjoys photography. Check out the company website for more information on exotic travel destinations.



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