Placing Blame: How Your Bedroom May Be Detrimenting Your Dozing


Sleeping well can be tough for some people. In fact, sleeping well will statistically be tough for almost every person at least once in their lives, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a long-term issue for you, or someone you love. If the problem lies with a physical aspect of their sleep, you would aim to fix that physical aspect, right? Like if their mattress was old and lumpy, you would replace it with a mattress from koala mattresses, or if your pillow was giving you neck trouble, you’d replace it with a better pillow, right? The mental aspects to sleeping well are just as important as the physical, and today we have brought together a few things in your bedroom that can seriously damage your sleep quality (and quantity).


Context is Everything

To explain this first point, we will need you to imagine yourself in your workplace. You immediately go into “work mode” in which you focus slightly more, you have heightened levels of stress, and you are less likely to fall asleep. The same context cues apply everywhere you go in life, and they affect your mood wherever it is that you happen to be at the time. This is why working in bed can be the cause to your sleeplessness, because your brain incorrectly learns that your bed is a work zone, and releases the appropriate chemicals into your body to correspond with work while you try to sleep. Move your workstation elsewhere, and give your brain back the space it needs to relax, and you will immediately see an improved quality and quantity of your sleep.



Chaos is Wakeful

A dirty room is more common now than it would have been a couple of decades ago, but while this relatively newfound freedom from organisation is a wonderful reason to not clean your room, the lack of sleep you might be getting because of it is. A chaotic room is inherently stressful, and a lack of order creates a low-level background “hum” of stress for most people, which makes it difficult for them to sleep. You might not even realise it, but your dirty room is keeping you up, and the best and fastest way around it is to clean it thoroughly regularly.



Bed Position is Surprisingly Important

In your room, the position of your bed can be surprisingly important in the overall amount of sleep you get. When you consider that your bed should be a kind of “safe haven” for you, you begin to understand why it’s so important to your sleeping cycle. If you don’t feel safe in your own bed, it becomes very difficult to sleep restfully, and you will likely find yourself plagued with bad dreams or restless nights.

Find a place you feel safest in your room, and set up your bed there. This can make falling asleep much easier, and if you have managed to position the bed further from a source of natural light, even better. Natural light, even reflected off of a wall, can wake you up very fast in the morning, and unless you aim to wake up at dawn, it can be an unwelcome addition to your morning.

With these hints and tricks, your restless nights can begin to ease a little, and they are surprisingly easy to keep up once you’ve started them, making it all the more worthwhile.







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