Christmas 2016: Christmas Gifts for Grandparents



Christmas is on its way and in just a matter of weeks, we’ll be sat around the Christmas table with family and those closest to us, to give one another gifts that we’ll enjoy and adore.

They often know how to treat us to something special, but what gifts for grandparents can you give?


Ability Superstore, mobility aids and mobility equipment specialists, have provided us with their top six gifts for grandparents this year. From helpful aids for around the home, to cosy comforts; you’re bound to find something that will make your grandma or granddad happy this Christmas.


1) Wheeled Rollators

It’s lovely to be able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, even if it’s just a quick trip to the shop. For many grandparents, walking around might not be as easy as it once was, but a rollator can certainly help with that.

A rollator can provide extra stability and support when walking and some even provide storage to stow their bags after visiting the shops. There’s also the option of investing in a rollator with a seat, so your grandparents can always have a seat handy for it they feel like stopping and taking a break.


2) Luxury chocolate gift set

Perfect for those grandparents with a sweet tooth, there’s plenty of sumptuous chocolate sets available on the high street – some of which are Christmas themed – that are bound to tickle their taste buds. If they’re a fan of a little tipple, why not go for a liqueur filled chocolate set? Cherries in brandy chocolates are a firm favourite.


3) Leisure and activity aids

Everyone has a hobby or activity they enjoy, whether it’s reading or writing, walking or swimming, sewing or gardening, to name just a few. If your grandparent has a hobby that they now find a little strenuous due to old age kicking in, there’s plenty aids that can help them to continue enjoying themselves as much as they always have done.

From a large print song book for singing, gardening tools for weaker wrists, or even magnifiers and book stands to enjoy some reading. A simple gift can give them the greater gift of making the most of their hobbies.


4) A little bit of history

It’s amazing to hear some of the stories our grandparents have from their childhood. Life was so much different for them compared to more modern times, and many of the older generation have experienced huge historic moments that we now learn about in school.

For the grandparents that are proud of their history, where they have come from and what they have seen, a present to represent this is sure to put a smile of their face. With a little bit of research, you can find newspapers from a certain date that’s important to them, a coin from their year of birth, or even an accessory that highlights a key date in history.


5) Something cosy and comfortable

The chilly weather of winter can get to us all, but it tends to affect older people more greatly. There’s plenty we can do to keep our grandparents toasty warm, and a few cosy Christmas gifts will work wonders.

Warm woolly clothing, electric blankets, thick thermal socks or hats and gloves will help them keep warm and comfortable throughout the frosty months. They’re bound to enjoy your helpful gift as well as staying happy and healthy, too.


6) A memorable experience

If your grandparents enjoy getting out and about and spending some quality time with you, why not treat them to an experience rather than a material gift? There’s plenty of days out and experiences on offer, from afternoon tea to golfing trips, luxury spa days to 3 course meals. Whatever they enjoy, why not enjoy it together?


Have you found an amazing gift that’s perfect for grandparents this Christmas? Let us know!






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