Family Dinners: Here’s Why This Is So Important In Today’s Modern World


One of the side effects of today’s modern world is how we seldom have family time together. Clashing work shift patterns can at times mean kids rarely spend time with both parents simultaneously. As a result, children can sometimes feel like they’re living in a hotel.

A proven way to spend more time together as a family is during dinner times. And here’s why such a simple occasion has a high impact for you and your offspring:


Portion control

When you’re a busy parent, it’s easy to forget about portion control. Kids can end up “helping themselves” to food from the fridge at will. As a result, obesity can ensue. Family mealtimes ensure everyone has the right sized food portions.


Intellectual stimulation

Sure, your kids learn new things when they go to school or do their lessons if they home educate as we do. But, they also need stimulation in other ways too. Family dinners are an ideal way to foster intellectual stimulation. Children can refine their social skills by learning from you – their parents.

Family mealtimes are also useful for teaching things like manners and delayed gratification. For example, waiting for everyone to sit down before eating. And saying “please” and “thank you” when requesting items on the table to get passed to them.


Kids can learn how to cook

Another advantage of family dinners is that your children can get involved with cooking. They can find out how their meals get prepared and the ingredients that get used. According to the infographic below, we spend between at least 5.9 hours a week cooking. It’s time to get the kids involved too and teach them new skills!


Infographic Produced By Furl




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