Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Family Safe in the Home



Having a large family, I know how much of a nightmare it is to keep your eyes on everyone – all of the time! Despite all your best efforts, accidents happen. Is it possible to keep your family 100% safe in the home, all the time? Let’s take a look at the best tips and tricks for doing just that.


Hazard Perception

The best way to ensure safety in the home is by eliminating hazards. The first thing you’re going to want to do, however, is to find those risks! You’d be surprised at how many dangerous situations kids can get themselves into, with things you didn’t think could be a hazard. Corners of furniture and counters, slippery rugs, even door handles – these are all things that can cause a potential accident. Try walking around the house and seeing it through your children’s eyes. What things are within reach? What could your child bump their heads on or fall over? By identifying hazards, you can put things in place to prevent any accidents.


Keeping an Eye

As mentioned, it’s practically impossible to keep an eye on everyone all of the time. Especially if you have a large family! It’s unlikely you’re going to want to keep everyone in one room the whole day and night just so you can keep watch. It may sound strange, but it could be worth considering security cameras in the home. Not only will you be able to keep an eye on everyone, but they have the added bonus of keeping your home safe from intruders too. These are particularly handy in areas like the garden, the front door, and even in babies’ rooms.


Educating the Kids

Have you had the safety chat with your children yet? Depending on their age, now may be the perfect time to do so. Do they know where they are and aren’t allowed to play? Are there any areas that are out of bounds? Are they aware of the risks of running around with scissors in their hands?! You don’t want to frighten them into not having fun, but it is worth talking to them about potential dangers. You could even make a fun ‘health and safety’ poster to stick on the wall. The more you’re open and honest with them, the less likely they are to break the rules.


Learn from Mistakes

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. There are going to be grazed knees and tears, as your children get older. And that’s okay! It’s healthy for your kids to have a bit of rough and tumble before they become adults. It’s not healthy for them to be wrapped in cotton wool. However, it’s always good to learn from previous mistakes. If one of your children hits their head on the corner of the counter, think about covering it up. If someone slips on the rug, make sure it’s safe before it happens with a hot coffee in your hand!


There are no surefire ways to prevent all accidents in the home, but there are some ways you can keep your family a little bit safer. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you prevent some, if not all, accidents in the future.









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