Modern Play: A Family Game Night Makeover



A family that plays together stays together and remains entertained.  Once upon a time, families would gather around the radio.  Sometime later, televisions supplied hours of nighttime entertainment.  Ironically, modern families are beginning to once again see the value of face-to-face interaction despite the proliferation and use of laptops, smartphones, and other forms of electronic devices.  Today, if you’re discussing modern entertainment, board games and game nights are likely to enter the conversation.


Unplug the Electronics

Family members are quick to lose focus at home.  Yes, people are deeply engaged in social media, streamed movies, smartphone apps, and the like, but they are not focused on family.  Often, you’ll find several family members in the same room who may not say a word to one another for hours due to respective use of electronics.  However, board games provide a central point of focus.  But unlike, watching the same movie, a board game inspires interaction.


Make Healthy Eating Regular

Today’s family members are busy with school, work, extracurricular activities, chores, social lives, etc.  To accommodate busy lifestyles, a host of fast-food restaurants and easy-make home recipes are consumed.  However, most fast-food options are unhealthy despite the convenience.  Planning game nights helps family members maintain a regular schedule.  With all members on the same schedule, it’s easier to provide a healthy and wholesome meal.  Many of today’s family members eat on the run, which lessens the likelihood that they are eating well and regularly.


Invite Special Guests

Sure, family game night is great for family bonding, but some things get better as more are involved.  Invite extended family members and friends over to your game night.  Extend the invite to a few extra people each week.  It’s a great way to ensure you continue to see the special people in your lives.  Also, it keeps the gameplay fresh and more interesting when different people get involved.  Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to spread the word about an upcoming game night.


Read Reviews

Buying products in the age of the Internet is unlike blindly browsing the aisles of a movie rental store in the 90s.  Plenty of reviews are at your disposal.  Peruse the pages of game publishers, read about the games, and access reviews from those who have bought the selections.  Also, you can visit game forums and ask questions.  You should never have a problem with making a selection you’ll regret.  Read reviews and purchase games that are optimal for multiple players and the age range of players.


Change Scenery

To change the scenery, take survey of cafes and other venues in your city that host its own game night or invite others to come and play.  Use tools like to see if groups exist with the same board game interests.  Alternatively, you can become the founding members of a board game club, awaiting others to join in the fun.  In major cities, cafes are beginning to attract board game players.  Cafes may supply patrons with games or take suggestions from regulars regarding which selections to buy next.


Scott Reeves is a Father of four and has a large extended family with a ton of kids within it! He loves to gather everyone together for family games night; starting out with the games that the young ones can enjoy, before moving on to classics that the grown-ups enjoy once the kids are in bed.








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