Our June Degustabox Review (Plus a Discount for You!)


June Degustabox


June’s Degustabox has just been delivered and we were oh so excited to open it up and see what delicious treats awaited us this month. We were not disappointed and we’ve been keen to get trying every single product. Call it eagerness or greed, whatever you will, but this month’s box was a huge hit regardless.

So what did we get?


Haywards Medium and Tangy Silverskins




If anyone likes a bit of a pickle it’s Mike, so his reaction of a keen whistle on discovering a jar of Haywards Medium and Tangy silverskin onions wasn’t a shock at all. His main concern is how to keep them away from the other pickle monsters in the family, Eddie and Libby. As Libby is currently in bed and Eddie is at a club this evening, it could be his one and only moment. Ah.. he’s seized it already. Oh well…


Schwartz Burger Mix




It’s no secret that I’m no great fan of ready mixes and sauces so this was probably the least impressive addition to our box in my opinion. Having said that, I do know that Schwartz is a reliable and quality name when it comes to herbs and spices so I am very likely to give this a go, if only for its simplicity. Just add the sachet into 450g of mince, blend it in then shape the mince into 4-6 burgers and grill. Quick and easy indeed so might be a good staple to keep to hand when time is of the essence. Despite my old ways, this is one I really don’t want to knock until I’ve tried.


Branston Spicy Tomato Relish




Who doesn’t relish a little relish? Aah, bad pun but really, could I resist? A nice little staple to keep to hand for those impromptu barbecues we’ve been having in the glorious British summer sun. Oh, hold on a minute…


Heinz Amoy Coconut Milk




My first thought when I discovered this in our Degustabox was that it was a while since I had made a curry and I should now put it on next week’s menu plan. So this is what I have done. Good stuff, Degustabox!


Zeo Cloudy Lemon




I am a huge fan of lemony foods and drinks so I was thrilled to unveil this in June’s Degustabox. This is a refreshing and natural drink which is another must have for these long yearned for barbecues and picnics I’m holding out for. The problem is, this drink is so delicious that it’ll be long gone before the sun comes out. A hit for me.


Butterkist Yogurt Coated Popcorn




I probably should have shared these with the children but I didn’t. I don’t suppose it’s as bad as the time I opened up Steph’s Easter Egg to remove the sweets inside, then wrapped the egg back up before placing it in its box. She was a year old. She doesn’t remember. Well, she didn’t until I told her and now she won’t let me forget. Anyway, the popcorn is delicious. Or rather, it was. The kids would have liked it too.


Sacla Pesto Pots



I love the Sacla name and their pesto is one quick go-to that I like to keep in the cupboard. These little pots are handy if you need to coat a little pasta at a time. However, with so many of us, I don’t think these tiny pots of loveliness are quite the thing for our family. Or perhaps Mike and I should cook up a romantic evening meal instead. Or Sacla can just create a jumbo sized pesto jar. (The latter, Sacla, the latter).


Marstons King Star Lager




This evening Harry was due to go camping. Mike reassured me this morning that he had checked the list and we did have everything Harry needed. Harry packed and discovered we did not have everything Harry needed. Cue Harry, Eddie and I having to rush out for a last-minute shopping trip after I had spent more than three hours making over three dozen Cornish pasties. I came home and noticed my shirt was beautifully patterned with bread flour and then Joseph announced he was feeling unwell shortly before throwing up. King Star Lager was much enjoyed with said homemade Cornish pasties this evening.


Bakedin Mug Brownie




Ha! This is a fun little thing indeed. It’s a teeny tiny little pot that you add a little butter and water or milk to and, voila, you have a cake in a mug in just two minutes! Ideal when you have that sweet tooth craving and can’t be bothered to pull the kitchen apart.


Smooze Mango and Coconut Fruit Ice




Oh my goodness how good is this? Well, let me tell you. It’s extremely good. Possibly my favourite product in this month’s box. If you want to send me more, Smooze, my address is…  Oh, and it’s free from all major allergens, is 100% vegan and made from all natural ingredients. As I was saying, Smooze…


Destrooper-Olivier Belgian Butter Biscuits




These waffle butter biscuits are amazing! The quality is excellent and they taste terrific. The kids will probably like these too but I find hiding in a cupboard works well. (The biscuits, that is. With you holding the box, naturally. The soon empty box…).

Tempted? This month you can order your Degustabox with a very-massive-and-not-to-be-sniffed-at discount of £7.00 – yes that’s £7.00 – off the cost of your box! All you have to do is click over to Degustabox, place your order and enter the code BLDEG15. Then sit back, wait excitedly for your box to arrive and you too can try out some fabulous products at a fraction of the price! How lovely is that?! Enjoy!



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