Father’s day is coming! How will you spend yours?




So it’s officially (almost!) June, which means Father’s Day is now just around the corner (don’t forget the 19th) and it’s got us thinking what different families do to celebrate days like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. We try to get everyone together and see it is a great time to step back from daily stresses and enjoy time as a family.

As its always on a Sunday, and with it being Summer (fingers crossed) we’re hoping for a BBQ to get everyone together and let Mike sit back, relax and enjoy the day. I know a lot of Dads don’t really bother too much about it and get on as if nothing’s happening and some like to spend time to themselves but we like all of us to get together and celebrate it properly –  memories are the best gift.

SHEilds are putting together an exciting Father’s Day eBook, featuring us (of course) and other parent bloggers with their best tips for spending the day and some great tips on keeping your children healthy and safe throughout the year too. It’ll be available free and is being launched next week so keep an eye out for that.

How will you be spending Father’s Day this year? We’d love to know and share experiences.


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