10 Fresh Ideas for Hosting a Spring Soiree



Now that spring has warmed the air, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor entertaining again. With the festive season fast approaching, there are so many ways you can involve the beauty of the outdoors into your next entertaining plans. Aside from the Australian backyard soiree essentials – such as outdoor heating, sunscreen and mosquito repellent – there are many ways you can signal to your guests that spring has most certainly sprung. Once you have the practical essentials sorted, you can begin to think about the following fresh ideas that you can adopt for your next spring soiree.


  1. Spring-inspired table settings

Jazz up the traditional spring floral cliche by pairing floral arrangements with botanical patterns. If flowers aren’t your thing, try incorporating soft, pastel hues in your table settings with bold pops of saturated tones, such as coral and hot pink.


  1. Picnic blankets

If you’re lucky enough to be throwing a spring soiree on a sunny day, why not set up a picnic rug instead of entertaining around a table? Decorate the rug with pillows, small stools and mini tables to create a comfortable environment where your guests can sit, chat and relax.


  1. Eclectic selection of decorations

In nature, spring rears its gorgeous head in an array of colours, shapes, patterns and plants. Get inspired by this and decorate your spring soiree in an eclectic fashion. For instance, use different dinner plates for each and every place setting. Mixing and matching like this adds an air of spontaneity and whimsical style to the celebrations.


  1. Make use of the outdoors

As the weather will be warming up, you’ll now be able to make full use of the great outdoors. This can mean including a vintage sports game as one of your event’s activities. Think bocce or croquet for some old-fashioned family fun, for all ages. Moreover, playful activities will get your guests up and moving, which is a great way to ensure your soiree is a memorable one.


  1. Just for the kids

Outdoor events are always a fantastic way to involve the kids. If you’re going to have the ankle-biters at the function, make sure you have plastic cutlery on hand, as well as kid-friendly table settings that coordinate with the rest of the event’s decor.



  1. Incorporate spring hues

To distinctively set a table for spring, keep in mind that yellowy greens, deep pinks and corals fit the season, yet are best used when toned down by a neutral background setting. For example, try to balance super saturated colors with taupe draperies and furniture.


  1. Fresh food

When one thinks of a spring soiree, the theme of these events are supposed to be light, fun and airy. The same goes for the fare you will have on offer, too. When choosing the cuisine you’re going to be serving your guests, consider light salads, finger foods, fruits and cheeses which won’t weigh your guests down.


  1. Speciality spring drinks

Because the outdoor temperature will be rising, it’s essential you keep your guests well hydrated. If you’re opting to serve alcoholic drinks at your soiree, make sure you have a wide selection of water and non-alcoholic drinks for those not drinking and any family members or guests that may be underage.


Now that winter is over, it’s time to come out of hibernation. This could mean planning a neighbourhood get together, a family catch up or inviting your nearest and dearest around for a backyard spring soiree. No matter how you want to celebrate that spring has sprung, make sure you do it in style. Make your party unforgettable, and take heed of these 8 easy-to-implement tips next time you’re throwing a party.






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