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As of just over a month ago we are not only the parents of 13 children, but also the grandparents to baby Oscar. With Tim having turned two not long before Oscar’s arrival, it’s lovely to have a newborn around again. We get the hugs, the kisses and the windy smiles all without having to worry about getting up several times a night! With Oscar being the first (but definitely not the last) grandchild, it’s no wonder he has been spoilt with lots of wonderful new things. We thought we’d put together a list of his favourites.

We’ve gone through one or two playmats over the years, and when we saw the Space Dreamer Playmat from Mothercare we knew it would be perfect for Oscar. With its different shades of blue and toys hanging from the mobile it provided plenty of stimulation for him, while its padding makes sure that if he falls asleep in it he’ll be protected from the hard floor. Stephanie likes it as it’s easy for her to pack away and can be hidden in a cupboard when not in use. It’s lightweight, portable and can be used with or without the mobile. It seems durable and will certainly last him as long as he needs it all while improving hand-eye coordination. Take a look at the wide and colourful range of playmats on the Mothercare site here.

It’s important to keep babies, especially newborns, wrapped up warm when out and about and the SlumberSac travel wraps allow us to do just that. We chose the bear sac as we thought it looked absolutely adorable. It’s unbearably (ahem) soft, with a 100% cotton lining that makes it so fluffy you can’t help but wish they made adult-sized versions. It’s only available in one size going from birth to 9kg and will be actively used for several months, especially since the weather here shows no sign of warming up any time soon. We find it a great alternative or addition to a blanket and can be placed on the baby almost effortlessly for use in the car, plane, train, buggy or any other mode of transport. When shopping for your wrap you will find instructions for how to use them correctly and safely.

We have been fans of Dr Brown’s bottles for over ten years when we discovered them with child number five Eddie. They were the only ones that could prevent his colic and we have used them ever since. We swore by them with such enthusiasm that Steph planned to use them from the beginning. To begin with she started off with the smaller four ounce bottles, but now that Oscar is feeding more she’s moved onto the larger eight ounce ones. As well as the bottles, Steph also has a Dr Brown’s microwave steriliser and a bottle warmer. We have been recommending these products for over ten years now and still do. We really haven’t found anything that comes close.

Babies can never have too many blankets. They’re constantly getting some sort of bodily fluid on them and sometimes you can’t wash and dry them fast enough so it’s always good to have a back-up stock. Of course, you don’t want them to be uncomfortable and in this Knipton Waffle Blanket uncomfortable is the last thing they’ll be! Made from 92% cotton and 8% cashmere, they’ll be snug whether they’re out in the cold or tucked up in bed. It does the job of keeping Oscar cosy and makes for a pleasant accessory at the end of the cot when not in use. It’s in use regularly and is still as comfy as the day Stephanie first used it. It comes from Australian company Pappe who ship to most countries so head over to their website and you’re sure to find something you love.





These products were sent to us for review and currently make up a few of Oscar’s favourite things. 

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