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A couple of years ago our home was switched to a metered water bill. This meant that we quickly became more aware of our water usage and in turn were able to cut down the costs of our water bill. We found we were quick to turn off the lights in the home, but didn’t give much thought to our water usage. From running taps to long showers, families spend a lot more on water than they have to. Here are some tips on saving water from Keraflo:


Turn off the tap!

When you’re brushing your teeth, leaving the tap on as you brush can use 6 litres of water per minute! If you’re teaching your children to brush, try and get them into the habit of turning the tap off until it’s time to rinse.


Take a shorter shower

Showers use a great deal of water — between 6 and 45 litres per minute — so try and take shorter showers to help save water. You can use a low-flow showerhead or an eco-showerhead to save on water by reducing the flow.


Fix dripping taps

A dripping tap is an annoyance at best and a costly issue at worst. Fixing a dripping tap can save 15 litres of water a day, which can rise to 5,500 in a year if left unchecked. Better yet, most can be fixed with a bit of DIY if you do your research.


Use a watering can

Now that summer is on the horizon, gardeners will be getting ready to get out and reclaim their outdoor areas. Ditching the hosepipe can save an incredible amount of water – up to 1,000 litres an hour. Instead, use a watering can to keep costs down.


Use full loads

As any large family knows, washing dishes and laundry can get hectic. Using only full loads is important when it comes to saving water, as it will cut down on overall usage. Fill up that basket before you put a wash on!


Install a water butt

Installing a water butt to your drainpipe can help you collect lots of waste water, so you don’t need to use your taps. Using the rainwater, you can clean your car, water your plants or wash your windows.


Use a water calculator

If you’re not sure how much water you’re using, you might need to use a water calculator. Brands like Cistermiser offer water saving calculators that can help you cut down on how much you use.

By being careful with your water, you can easily save on your next water bill. It’s one of the utilities that is often forgotten about, so be water wise and save money.




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