Clean Air — As Vital at Work as at Home




Keeping the air clean should be common sense. You wouldn’t expose yourself or your children to a house full of smoke, fumes or toxic dust.  It’s just as important in the workplace, and most businesses recognise this and have appropriate ventilation systems installed.

Some don’t, though. In any case, even if a system has been installed, it still has to be maintained in good working condition.


Commercial Ventilation



The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety succinctly sums up the importance of commercial ventilation systems, defining such a system as “an ‘engineering control’ to remove or control contaminants released in indoor work environments. It is one of the preferred ways to control employee exposure to air contaminants.”

A wide range of buildings need their air filtered, ranging from factories to public buildings, hospitals and public buildings to chemical plants, and specialist ventilation systems from Filtrex Environmental include types suitable for all of them.



Who Needs Ventilation?



The most obvious kind of buildings that need their air filtered are those where large quantities of fumes or dust are created. Chemical fumes are clearly a big risk, but even woodworking can produce enough wood dust to pose a serious health hazard in a confined space.

Confined spaces, though, aren’t necessarily limited to being inside a building. In a tragic case reported by the BBC, a worker stripping paint from the Tay Rail Bridge died from inhaling high levels of toxic chemicals. The company, not realising how confined even an outdoor site can be, had failed to provide safety measures, including ventilation equipment.

When we go off to work in the morning, we assume we’ll be returning to our family in the evening, not leaving them bereaved. Employee safety is more than enough reason for companies to provide clean air, but it’s actually good for the employer as well. The Guardian points out that, according to research, “Poor indoor air quality is attributed to an average productivity loss of 10%”.


Good Air Quality Is a Right

There are plenty of hazards in the world are difficult to avoid, but poor or dangerous air quality at work isn’t one of them. Employers have a legal duty of care for their staff, and installing one of the many types of ventilation filter systems sold by Filtrex Environmental can go a long way to fulfilling that duty. And, of course, ensuring that once fitted it’s regularly and professionally maintained.

After all, you owe it to your family, as well as yourself, not to endanger your health at work.









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