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Tucked away in a cobbled street lies a row of mews properties waiting to provide you and your family with a luxurious stay that you will all appreciate. Located at the heart of London, the neighbouring properties provide you with centrally located accommodation close to the best that the city has to offer, whether for business or pleasure, alone or with family.

Owners Caio and Louise Merino kindly invited our family to experience the accommodation provided by their company Merino Hospitality for ourselves. We were keen to find out not only if their claims of providing the best customer service were true, but also the story behind the company.

As our family is so large we took occupation of two adjoining properties, Orchid Way and The Old Coach House. Turning into the quiet, paved street it was hard to believe that the bustle of the city and all it has to offer was only a short stroll away.


Stay Merino


We were warmly greeted on our arrival by Louise who, together with her husband Caio, created Merino Hospitality. Joining her was their long-time friend and now Director of Finance for the company, Andres. Friendly yet professional, they welcomed us warmly as they guided us around each of the properties that we would be staying in.




Louise and Caio originally met at Les Roches Hotel Management School in Switzerland. They proceeded to develop their knowledge and experience within the fields of hospitality through working for quality brands both abroad and closer to home, including the Savoy and Marriot Grosvenor Square Hotels in London. Keen to take the standards of hospitality a company could offer to the next level, they developed the idea of considerately selecting only the finest properties which met a certain criteria in order to be able to provide quality accommodation in central, yet peaceful, locations. The aim was to provide a comfortable yet practical home-from-home for anyone needing a London base, whether for business or pleasure.


Eddie spent some time admiring the artwork placed around each of the properties



The properties are located within walking distance to The British Museum, the Charles Dickens Museum and The Foundling Museum. Just around the corner lies Coram’s Fields, seven acres of land complete with playground and park that adults can only gain entry to if accompanied by a child. With a range of transport links within easy distance, this is the perfect base from which you can discover all that London has to offer.


Bedroom 1 - The Old Coach House
Bedroom 1 – The Old Coach House


It very quickly became apparent that they didn’t just talk about providing excellent customer service, they actually delivered. Arrangements beforehand were quick and easy, with emails replied to in impressively quick time. The road itself was easy to find and we wondered how we many other similar roads tucked away in London we have failed to notice over the years.


Sumptuous robes and towels proved extremely inviting after a busy day in London


Traditionally a row of stables, the four adjoining mews properties that currently make up the Merino Hospitality portfolio have now been completely transformed into light, airy accommodations that you can rest and relax in completely. The Merinos are adamant that quality will always come first over quantity, so you can always rest assured that a lot of time, effort and research will have gone into selecting the next properties that make the cut.

In the meantime, this is a pretty good start!


And where better to unwind than in this fabulous wet room?
And where better to unwind than in this fabulous wet room?


Each of the two properties we stayed in had all the home comforts we would expect. A bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers greeted us in the hallway and artwork lined the neutral walls. With quality furnishings and practical designs, the houses were functional for family use as well as comfortable.


A selection of fine toiletries are provided


A wet room is situated downstairs along with a bathroom with large tub upstairs. Both had a selection of fine toiletries available to use as well as  handy kits which would be useful in a shoe shining or loose-button emergency. I have to say, I loved these extra touches. It proved that even the tiniest detail had been considered.


In fact, anything you might need has been considered


The bedrooms were simply out of this world both as far as style and comfort are concerned. Under floor heating throughout each property ensured you were warm under foot, discreet lights at the base of the bed ensured you found your way through the darkness safely and the bedding was crisp and fine. The best thing however, had to be the mattresses. Clearly, there has been no compromise at all where these are concerned and I cannot imagine anyone complaining about a lack of sleep in a Merino Hospitality accommodation. The beds and mattresses are bespoke and handmade, layered with Merino wool, white cotton felt, cambric, silk and with individually pocketed springs. And no, you can’t buy one for yourself (I wish!) because they are created just for Merino Hospitality. I strongly suggest that if you want to know what a good night’s sleep really feels like, you book just one night here and find out.

It is amazing. 


Bedroom 2 – The Old Coach House


A large screen television sits in the living room with Netflix available to you to kick back and unwind with, and with a SONOS audio system also running throughout each property. The children loved the art kits that were supplied and a selection of books were available. Wi-fi is also provided.




There was ample dining space and all equipment you need for cooking and cleaning has been provided. A washer/dryer is available for use, a full sized dishwasher and a large fridge-freezer is stocked with a supply of juice, eggs, milk and butter ready for your arrival.


There is plenty of room to dine…


Cait and I left Mike and the children to chill out in front of a film in The Old Coach House while we went to explore Orchid Way next door.


…and to relax


Caio and Louise take guest feedback very seriously and ensuring they have a pleasurable stay is their priority. When it came to designing this property, they took their commitment to guest satisfaction a step further and asked more than 1,000 of their previous guests for their feedback and opinion on what they would like to see. They provided a vast selection of fabrics, colour schemes, finishes and textures and the guests selected their preferences. The result is simply fabulous!


Orchid Way
Orchid Way


Another functional yet comfortable home-from-home has been created to the highest standards. As well as fresh food and drink in each property’s fridge, a welcome basket of groceries was also provided on our arrival. True to the Merino Hospitality way, a hand-written note welcoming us all by name (and remember, there are a lot of us!), was also included.


A basket packed with groceries complete with handwritten note provided a thoughtful, personal welcome.


A bowl of fresh fruit was waiting for us too. As you can see, it didn’t take Cait very long at all to try it out.


As did the bowl of fresh fruit that Cait simply couldn’t resist!


Another key ethos behind Merino Hospitality is that of supporting the local businesses. This, together with their commitment to the high standards provided to their guests, means that all produce and services are provided by the best local suppliers and contractors, without any compromise on quality.


Orchid Way


Every room was in the most pristine condition – clean, tidy and welcoming. Every so often there would be unique touches such as the enlarged photograph below, creating a feature wall in the bedroom. Once again, just look at that bed. Don’t you just want to crawl under the covers right now and sleep for a hundred years?


Orchid Way
We loved the enlarged photograph that created the feature wall in this bedroom


This bedroom exhibited a wonderful use of available space. Already spacious enough for the oh-so-wonderful bed and furniture, there was ample room to set up a travel cot – which is provided upon request. In fact, anything you need can be provided upon request, whether you require baby equipment, a private chef, a babysitter, a cleaner or transport, there is nothing that cannot be arranged. All you have to do is let Caio and Louise know what you need and when, and they will arrange it.


Another spacious double bedroom led up to a mezzanine floor…


A stairway leads up from the bedroom onto a mezzanine floor. Here you will find another bed along with a comfortable space for relaxing.


…featuring another useful sleeping area…


As you can see, Cait didn’t take long settling herself into the comfy beanbag. It must have been the fruit she gorged upon earlier.


…as well as a spot to relax (trust Cait to find that!)


But what do we have here? A cupboard in the eaves?


But what have we here?


Not quite! Remember what we said about how this property has utilised all available space?


Whatever could it be?


Well, we weren’t kidding…


It’s a secret room!


There is a secret play room tucked away complete with Minions on the walls, stars on the ceiling, a supply of Lego and fabulous flashing lights!


A hidden part of the house created just for kids complete with LEGO and Minions and…


Not content with eating all the fruit and being the first to test out the furniture, Caitlin continued to make the most of her peaceful explorations…


…a writing wall!


…by writing the first message on the wall.


Cait enjoyed it! But what would the rest of the family think?


After a while I persuaded her that perhaps the others should be able to discover this room for themselves.


It was time to find out!


And this…




…is what…


…the overwhelming verdict was…


…they thought!








Take a look at our video to see more!


For a family break in London with all the home comforts in the most convenient location you can see why we wholeheartedly recommend Merino Hospitality. Click here to find out more or book your family’s next London break with Merino Hospitality.




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