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We’ve had several maze games and dozens of puzzles over the years, but one thing we have never owned is a combination of the two.  Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzles are a recent discovery for us and we can’t help but wish we’d found them sooner.

You can get two different types of Smart Egg Labyrinths. There is a 1-Layer Labyrinth and a 2-Layer Labyrinth. We tried out the 2-Layer Labyrinth and were hooked. We’d never seen a puzzle like it!

To play, you need insert a wand into the top of the egg and guide the wand through the labyrinth and come out the other side. To find the right path, you have to move the inner labyrinth. You’ll know you’ve succeeded because the wand will move effortlessly through the egg when it is on the right path.  Although it sounded easy before we tried it, it was harder than it appeared. On the plus side, it did keep the children occupied for quite a long time while they attempted to complete it!

There are a total of nine Labyrinths so far, each one different from the other in terms of the maze. All the Eggs in the 1-Layer Labyrinth group have a different name and appearance, while in the 2-Layer Labyrinth they come in three levels:: Level 1 Dragon (Challenging), Level 2 Dragon (Difficult) and Level 3 Dragon (Maddening). The 1-Level Labyrinth Smart Eggs are best for kids six and over, while the harder 2-Level ones are more suited towards children ten and up.

They’re made of a strong plastic, and the bold patterns mean they can be look quite decorative when displayed on a shelf.

Everyone loved the Smart Eggs. They proved to be excellent brain teasers and would be a great toy to have to keep children (and adults!) occupied during long journeys.

2-Layer Labyrinth Smart Eggs are available in store at Waterstones now. Find out more about Smart Eggs from the Esdevium website here.



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