How to Make a Yo-yo Flower Wall Hanger





I love flowers. There are few ways to make a house more homely than with a bunch of fresh flowers. If like me you’re reluctant to let go of sunny summer months (okay, so we haven’t had much of them here in England) and want to hold on to that flowery feeling a little longer, these decorative hangers are just the thing!


What you need:

One 9″ embroidery hoop

A Clover Yo-Yo Flower Maker (small size)

Fabric scraps

12″ square linen fabric (we bought our hoop and fabric from the craft section at The Works)

Green embroidery floss






Take the linen fabric (you might want to press it first) then fix it taughtly into the hoop.




Flip the hoop around and trim off the excess. You might prefer to wait until the end of the project before doing this part in case the fabric becomes removed from the hoop and needs repositioning.




Using your embroidery floss and needle create five evenly spaced flower stalks sitting across the centre of the hoop.




We used two different shades but you can stick to a single shade if you prefer.




Make five flowers with the Clover Yo-Yo Flower Maker. The instructions to create these are in the pack.




Decide where you want to place each flower head.




Then stitch each one into place, one atop of each stalk.





Then hang…




…and admire!





We hope you enjoyed this project – do pin it and share it if you did. Do leave us a comment if you try this project out yourself too – we’d love to hear how you get on!

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