7 Great Ways to Keep in Touch When Travelling



Over the last few years we have taken to travelling for greater periods of time than the usual one or two week holidays we used to have. Luckily, our jobs mean that we are able to work anywhere, any time, enabling us to travel relatively freely while still earning a living.

Thanks to technology more and more people are living a digitally nomadic lifestyle but you don’t need to be a long or even medium-term traveller to take advantage of modern day methods of keeping in touch with friends and family.

Here are a few ways to stay in touch even when you are far away:


Get online

Getting online has become easier as the years have gone by. Laptops and tablets mean we can keep our communication centres – or in our case, our mobile offices – portable and handy no matter where we go. We can use our personal hotspot on our mobile phones if we are travelling within the UK. If we are abroad we use our SIM-free mobile hotspot with a data SIM from Holiday Phone. The XL data SIM lasts for 30 days and provides unlimited 3G data which is reliable and speedy and extremely reasonable in price.



Skype has proven itself immensely useful in keeping in touch with Ben and Steph while the rest of us have been on the road. Skype-to-Skype calls are free and you can even see each other with the webcam too which is great if you can’t meet up in person.


Say it with flowers

Being out of sight does not mean being out of mind especially when you aren’t able to be with a loved one on their birthday. With international flower delivery services available all over the world, you can show someone you are thinking of them on their special day even if you can’t be with them in person. Flowers Across Australia are great if you’re in Sydney.



As long as you have an internet connection you can send text, audio, photos and videos between mobiles with the Whatsapp messenger. You can also set up group chats too. Whatsapp is currently free to use for the first year but costs $0.99 for each year thereafter but is free to use so well worth the 99 cent investment!



Not unlike Skype, you can also make Viber-to-Viber calls completely free. You can also send text, photo and video messages and even set up a group chat with up to 100 people.



If you have a lot of friends and family to keep updated but don’t have time to communicate with each of them individually it might be a good time to start blogging! Setting up a simple blog is quick and easy and you can get started in minutes. It is also a great for posterity too!


Send a postcard

Technology is fantastic but sometimes it’s nice to take a step back to the good old days by sending a postcard. If you want the best of both worlds services such as touchnote.com enable you to turn your own holiday photos into postcards. Just download the app, follow the instructions and they’ll post your very own unique postcard to the recipient within days.


What is your favourite way to stay in touch while travelling? Let us know in the comments below!







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