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Having been in Italy for a few weeks now, we’ve put into use all of the necessary bits we had acquired before we left to keep everyone as happy and healthy as possible. With temperatures reaching as high as 39°, making sure we keep safe in the sun is important.

We’ve gone through many bottles of suncream already, and something we found out about not long before leaving were UV Indicator Wristbands. Created by Smartsun, they are a thin wristband that you put on before you go out in the sun. When you apply sun cream to your body, you also apply it to the band and over time it will change colour: Yellow tells you it is okay to stay in the sun, beige means reapply sun cream, and pink warns you to avoid the sun.

We love this idea and think it is brilliant, not only for children but also for adults. SmartsunUK state that over 12,000 cases of melanoma are diagnosed every year in the UK, and they want to do anything possible to reduce this number. This idea is great, as you always know how safe you are when out and about in the sun.

While we think the idea is fantastic, we were slightly put off when we realised it could only be used once. You can buy a pack of five for £5, but when you can only get a single use out of each one, it does get expensive.

The wristbands have five different holes to suit many wrist sizes, from babies to adults. If you’re spending time in the pool or sea, you don’t have to worry as the water will not affect the bands! It’s an easy way of making sure you remain healthy in the heat.


You can buy a packet of UV Indicator Wristbands from Amazon here (RRP: £5.00 for a pack of 5).


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