Itchy Feet and Wanderlust

boys in sea at Rimini


When we finally moved into our current home back in 2006 I swore blind that I would only ever buy and sell one more home and that would be it. It isn’t the act of moving house which is stressful – that part is quite exciting and you are thrown into the moment knowing that the end of the tunnel is just in sight. It is the tumultuous ups and downs of ensuring your home is ready for viewers at any given moment, in waking up wondering if today is the day someone will finally fall in love with your home and waiting – just waiting – for plans to move along.

We are still waiting.

In the meantime, we are all increasingly affected with itchy feet. Not the fungal infection kind picked up around swimming pools but the wandering, wayfaring type that yearns to release our inner vagrants and set them free in the world.

‘Can we go to Cuba?’ Libby asked just yesterday.

‘If you can find it on the map we’ll… ‘

Anna found it on the map before I had even finished the sentence.

It’s a big world and we want to see more of it but we are supposed to be moving home and, true to our ways in doing things differently, it isn’t a simple move but to a new country with a complete change of lifestyle.

What to do?

Do we wait patiently, singing ‘One day my buyer will come…, ‘ Snow White-like at the window, risking that before we know it, it’ll be winter again and we will have wasted a year doing nothing but waiting?

Or do we continue to live? Given that we will still be working (no rest for the wicked indeed) and will have computers, emails, printers, telephones and, if need be, a quick flight back to deal with any paperwork should anything pressing arise, is there really anything we can’t do anywhere else in the world that we can do while we sit here – waiting?

We really aren’t ones for waiting.

We are not really the kind of people who grumble that they want to do something but don’t do anything to actually do it. Life is too short for dreams alone. If you don’t create a plan to achieve them, a dream is all they will ever be.

So yes, we are off. Not to Cuba just yet but Germany and Italy and, perhaps Holland if we can finally find somewhere within the budget that is both available and large enough.

The Big Family Road Trip 2015 is coming.

Let’s get packing!


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