Review: EDIFIER Aurora 2.1 PC Speakers

edifier aurora 2.1 pc speakers


We cannot tell you how often we have tried to watch a video on a computer in this house and had to stop it because we’ve not been able to hear the audio over the background noise. After all, it’s very rare that you can find a decent built in speaker on a laptop, or external speakers that don’t stick out like a sore thumb and work well.

All our wishes for an attractive system that has great sound quality have been solved with these EDIFIER Aurora 2.1 PC Speakers. Included is one subwoofer for deeper sounds such as bass, and two spherical speakers for higher frequencies.

We have mostly positive things to say about these speakers. When we opened the box, they were packaged in a way that made certain there was no possibility of them becoming damaged which is always good no matter what the product. All equipment is solid and and of excellent quality, even down to the mesh on the speakers. Many speakers out there have fairly soft mesh, but this was extremely firm and durable. This was one of our favourite parts about the system as all too often speakers become ruined because of incidents relating to the mesh.

The sound quality is too good to describe and it comes out far better than any built in speaker.  You can adjust the volume via one of the spherical speakers. Functional and aesthetic, these are a much better alternative to other speakers, as it takes up less space without sacrificing quality or even style.

The only issue we had with them was the length of the power cable which we found a little on the short side, meaning we either have to place it close to a plug socket or plug it into an extension lead, but other than that we love them!

The EDIFIER Aurora 2.1 PC Speakers are available in a wide range of colours so you’ll be sure to find something to suit your décor, whether that’s black or a hot pink.

If you’d like to buy yours in time for Christmas, they’re available at Currys for £48.97.



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