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MAGIX Music Maker Premium is perfect for anyone who is learning to compose their own melodies, whether they’re beginners or more advanced. It includes thousands of loops, and has sounds from 10 different genres, from techno to heavy metal.

If you’re doing basic music editing, all you have to do is drag and drop your chosen sound. However, when you want to get more in-depth, you can change pitches, combine loops, and even add your own recorded audio!

None of us have ever had any experience with composing music through a program before, so this was way out of our comfort zone. The second we got onto it though, any nervousness went away and was replaced by excitement and awe. It’s laid out so neatly, and although it looks extremely complex at first, it really wasn’t difficult at all to understand.

It’s amazing being able to create our own tunes, and surprisingly requires a large amount of concentration, as you have to make sure the sounds mesh together well.

It’s a program that would be brilliant if you need audio to play alongside a video, or if you’re interested in music and want to create a professional sound. You can upload it onto Facebook, SoundCloud or YouTube, so it’s not just limited to your PC.

It’s by far worth its price of £79.99, and can compete with several higher-priced programs with the same purpose. You can find out more at the MAGIX website here or buy your own copy from all good sellers including Amazon.

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Take a look at our short stopmotion video, which features music composed using the Music Maker Premium:



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