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Box Upon A Time


There are several different companies which offer magazine-like subscriptions for babies and young children, but most of them include a variety of products such as toys, clothing and books. Box Upon a Time focuses completely on clothing, and when you subscribe you’ll receive a monthly or quarter-monthly box of designer outfits for your little one.

Box Upon a Time boysYou get so much more than what you pay for – for example, for £29 (the Silver box) you get 2 or 3 items worth between £40 and £60. There is also a Gold package worth £49, with clothing worth between £80 and £120, and Platinum with the items costing anywhere between £110 and £170. Examples of the brands that Box Upon a Time work with are Piccalilly, Poppy & Ned, Diesel, Toffee Moon and so many more.

The first thing I noticed was the cheerful box it came in when we received ours. With things like this, the packaging is often a giveaway of how much we’ll enjoy the box: for example, if it comes in ripped up simple brown paper, our expectations for the products inside will not be very high. But when we get either a gorgeous box or it’s wrapped up in bright tissue paper, we’ve noticed we’ll be more optimistic.

When we proceeded to open it, we were even more excited. Within the box, on top of the tissue paper covering the clothes, was a card telling us who had put our box together. It was sweet to see that a single person had actually taken it upon themselves to carefully select the contents, rather than several people just throwing in odd items here and there.

Then it came to unwrapping the paper, and the clothes were revealed. Our immediate thoughts were how amazing they looked. We had received Box Upon a Time girlsa polo shirt, a t-shirt, and a playsuit for Tim. They were exactly how we like them: not too over the top, but enough to give it a nice look. Then we felt them, and the quality was obvious. You can tell that they will last a long time – at least until they’re outgrown!

One thing we would suggest though is going a couple of sizes bigger than your child’s size or age, as the 12-18 month clothes only just seemed to fit Tim.

Have a look around Box Upon a Time’s website here and buy a subscription for you or a friend!


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