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It’s difficult to find shoes for children. What one likes may not necessarily be to another’s tastes, and sometimes, the child doesn’t even know what they’d like. Skribbies puts an end to all of that. They believe that every child is unique and should be treated as such. Their solution? Trainers which allow the child to choose the design. Be it rainbows, dinosaurs, or stars – Skribbies lets your child’s imagination run wild! Using the pens or stickers provided with the trainers, your child can customise the trainers however they like. Once they’ve had enough of one design they can simply wipe them clean and start again!

Skribbies was founded by Jennifer Duthie, a young entrepreneur who was nostalgic for the days of the 90’s where fabric painted shoes, headbands, and t-shirts were the norm. She felt as though children were missing the freedom of creativity and wanted to bring imaginations alive once more. She came up with the idea of Skribbies, where the children could be the designers not once, not twice, but however many times they wished.

When you order a pair of Skribbies hi-tops, you get not only a pair of shoes but a pack of six pens, some stickers, and a wristband which can double as a wipe and also hold a pen, enabling your child to be imaginative on the go!

Want to see them in action? Here is Eddie to tell you more…



As you might be able to tell, Eddie loved his Skribbies. Being the extremely creative bod of the house, he has already spent countless hours drawing and creating various designs, then starting all over again. The two main issues we’ve faced is that he’s reluctant to wear them outdoors in case he spoils them, and that five of his brothers now all want a pair too!

You can find out more or purchase your own pair of Skribbies in blue, black or pink over at www.skribbies.com (RRP: £39.99).














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