Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 37


Baby shoes

37 weeks?


We’re now into the final countdown of delivery day and, as an added bonus, the day has been brought forward to the 19th instead of the originally planned 20th. Apparently, the hospital doesn’t schedule in c-sections to be done on Thursdays.

Saturday was the day that sudden urgency hit.

‘We’ve only got 11 days left!’ I worryingly stated to Caitlin, as Mike went off to buy paint to redecorate the girls’ bedroom.

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‘I told you to get ready! I told you weeks ago but did you listen to me? No.’

You’d think her I-told-you-so rant might be over.


‘If you got everything ready when I said, then you wouldn’t be panicking now, would you?’

I believe she continued for a while longer. I tuned out. I’ve practised that skill for many years. It pays to practise it.

I pity the man who ends up with Little Miss Bossy as his wife.

But still, she might have a point.

We’re not ready. The bags for the hospital aren’t packed. The bedroom’s redecoration has only just got underway and needs to be completed before Isobel can make her move into the Big Girls’ Room.

I have ordered everything we need for the new baby – a new bouncy seat, a replenishment of cloth nappy supplies and toiletries. Nothing has arrived yet but should do within the next day or two. Oh, when I say we’ve ordered everything, I mean everything apart from the travel system. It’s not through want of trying but because the Britax product I want is exclusive to Mothercare, and they’re as bad as each other when it comes to customer service. 

Pregnancy-wise, I feel good considering how big and cumbersome I am. My clothes are feeling very restricted now and getting comfortable is a feat of Olympian proportions of its own. I’m up several times a night to visit the loo – I think the current record is six times in an eight-hour night. And the heartburn, oh how I shall miss it – I don’t think.

Between everything that still needs to be done, along with the desire to now reach the end and finally hold our baby, I find myself swinging between ‘I hope we get ready in time, ‘ and ‘You can come out early if you want to, Baby!’

I am now fully convinced that Baby 13 is a boy. I’m so far convinced that I think I’d probably be shocked if it were a girl. Most of the family are predicting an addition to the boy team too. Still, just eight more days to go and we will find out! What is your guess?















4 thoughts on “Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 37

  1. Wow, I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone for you. I reckon it’s going to be a boy and it will weigh 9lbs 3oz.

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