Christmas Countdown: Your week-by-week guide to getting organised for Christmas – Week 5


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The house is now de-cluttered and cleaned up ready to be decorated in all its festive splendour.

We’ve already checked through our decorations and replaced any broken or damaged ones.

We’ve made sure we’re prepared for extra guests who may be staying during the holiday period, and our table settings are organised. Let’s get on with Week 5!


Week 5 (w/c 18/11):

Did you prepare your mincemeat for this year’s batch of mince pies? If not click over to the recipe now and get on with it. Don’t worry, it’ll keep safely for months yet so making it now will simply be another thing to cross off your list. This is also a good week to prepare your Christmas Pudding – the recipe is coming up this week so look out for it!

You should be making a considerable dent in your gift shopping by now. Keep going, making sure you’re keeping tabs on who you are buying for, and keep your records updated as deliveries are made, and keep up with the bargain hunting and price comparison to keep a hold of the purse-strings as you go. Stay on top of wrapping, labelling and storing the gifts as you go too.

You’ll have already done the bulk of your Christmas card preparations during Week 3. Your Christmas letter, if you are sending one, should be ready for printing this week so run off the copies you need to send. Don’t delete it from your computer in case you find you need to send any more. It’s easy enough to run a few extra copies if needed.

Start writing out your cards and address them ready for sending. You may find you need to pace yourself with this task if your list is especially long! Aim to send any overseas cards out this week to ensure they’ll arrive in good time. Make sure you send off all other cards by 10th December at the very latest.

Start stocking up on Christmas edible gifts and treats from now. Tins of chocolates are often on offer everywhere, and nibbles and snacks such as nuts, crackers and pickles can be stocked up on from now – just make sure that everyone knows that they’re out of bounds until you give the word!


We have created a printable PDF copy of Christmas Countdown: Your week-by-week guide to getting organised for Christmas – Week 5 for you to print off and keep.

Please share, tweet and blog about the series and do feel free to add your own tips to the comments below.


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