Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 24

Baby shoes


I thought twice about posting an update today. There have been no ante-appointments to talk about, no scans to update on and nothing else of any interest to report.

Then I realised: viability! How can we not mark the milestone of viability?

The 24th week of pregnancy is the time when a baby is considered to be ‘viable’, that is, when it is considered old enough to survive outside of the womb – albeit with a lot of medical care and intervention.

The movements are becoming a lot stronger now, with the more prominent ones being visible when I sit still. I feel very well – extremely well, in fact – and am hoping that this feeling of well-being will continue until the end, though tiredness is always an issue.

A few nights of sleep have been interrupted with the presence of heartburn. Could this be indicating yet another hairy baby, as the old wive’s tale claims?

We’re still no closer to choosing a name. Actually, we haven’t even discussed them yet again.

I have no idea when my next appointment with the midwife is, but I do have my appointment with my consultant next week. It seems to have come around so very quickly. Then again, this whole pregnancy seems to be going by very quickly in itself. I wonder if I’ll be coming home with a delivery date? I will let you know!












2 thoughts on “Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 24

  1. Week 24 already! WOW – this pregnancy is certainly speeding by huh! It’s such an important week this week isn’t it! I am glad you are feeling well, and good luck with your consultant appointment. Hopefully you’ll get your delivery date! Exciting 🙂

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