Review: The Braun ThermoScan 3 Compact Ear Thermometer


braun thermoscan IRT3020

Yesterday we received a Braun ThermoScan 3 ear thermometer to review. This morning a four-year-old woke up crying that he felt unwell. How is that for good timing?

The Braun Thermoscan IRT 3020 Compact Ear Thermometer certainly is smaller than I had expected it to be. I was thinking of the longer, heavier ones that the nurses interrupt you with at 2am to check on your well-being after birth. This is lighter and extremely easy to use.

It comes ready to use with a 3 volt lithium battery already fitted in the machine. The lens has a protective cover which fits over it securely – which took a little practice removing I have to admit!  The box also came with 21 disposable lens filters allowing you to use it straight away. As you need to use a new filter every time you use the thermometer, I was concerned that larger families may find that 21 filters aren’t quite enough to get them through the winter months. I was worried that the costs of having to keep a supply of these might turn out to be quite expensive. It was a relief to find that a pack of 40 Braun Ear Thermometer Lens Filters can be bought extremely cheaply and with free postage, so this, being my main concern, was put to rest quite quickly.

The thermometer was straightforward to use – once the protective cap came off, that is. Press the ‘start’ button to turn the machine on and it will beep twice to indicate that it is ready to use. Insert the thermometer into the ear – a quick, gentle tug on the ear to straighten the canal allows the thermometer to work effectively – and then press the ‘start’ button again. After only one second the thermometer will beep to let you know that the temperature has been taken.

The thermometer is comfortable to hold and sits well in your hand. The beep is audible enough to be heard, yet soft enough so as not to alarm the patient – even if they are sleeping. The display screen is clear, showing a number of different symbols as well as the temperature in order to alert you to any possible issues or problems with the machine, and to inform you when it’s time to change the battery.

All in all it’s an impressive little machine which gives accurate results with the minimum of hassle – perfect when you’re dealing with a squirming, uncomfortable baby or toddler and need the least fuss possible. The memory function is a useful feature ideal for keeping track of any significant changes you may otherwise forget to note.

The Braun Thermoscan 3 Compact can be bought from Mothercare and Amazon now with an rrp of £32.99, and more information on the Braun range can be found at

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