Improve your shower time with Egyptian cotton towels!



Towels are always a big thing when you step out of the bath or shower. No one likes getting out with only a scratchy towel to dry themselves with! Yet there’s nothing like being wrapped in the comforting softness of a large towel the second you get out of a relaxing shower. The problem is finding a towel that will remain soft and will absorb copious amounts of water after several washes.

With us, we never seem to have enough towels. They’re always in the wash, or being used, or worn out from being washed and used so many times. While we have always been meaning to get new towels, we know that we have to look for the ones that will be the most durable and last the longest without needing replacing within a short amount of time. John Lewis’ range of 100% Egyptian cotton towels are just the thing. Egyptian cotton is known for its high absorbency, softness, and strength, making it a great material for a towel. The huge bath sheet (RRP £25.00) will envelope you within its cosy material, and you will be dry in record time. In fact, it’s so comfortable that you’ll have a task taking when dry to get changed!

They come in so many different colours so if you have a certain colour scheme you’d like to stick with, there’s no problem in that respect!  The colours it comes in vary from white to black, from a soft truffle colour to a more pronounced navy blue. The sizes are much the same, coming in five different proportions from the 33 x 33cm face cloth to the 165 x 90cm bath sheet.

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