How to make the most out of the summer holidays




“If you are anything like me, you’ll be counting down the days until the summer holidays. This means more time spent playing outside and less time in the classroom. Although I enjoy school, I also really enjoy spending my days at the beach, riding my bike and playing with my little brother in the garden. Yet sometimes I wish my parents would allow us to embark on a few more daring adventures.

We were too young to visit a theme park last year, however this year we are bound to be the right age. There is one just an hour away from our house, which boasts all sorts of scary rides. Neither my brother nor I are scared of anything and I’ll definitely be going on the fastest rollercoaster.

Another thing I like about the summer is the evenings – because there is no school in the mornings we are allowed to stay up that little bit later. We often get a takeaway. My favourite food is Chinese and thankfully there is a selection of Chinese takeaway restaurants nearby. This gives Mum and Dad the night off when it comes to cooking a big meal and we can have our chosen cuisines delivered to the front door instead.

Even on the rainy days we can still find something to entertain us and there are so many new films out at the cinema – sometimes we’ll have both popcorn and ice cream. Other activities suitable for a rainy day include redecorating my bedroom, which I like to do every summer, and baking cupcakes. There are so many flavours to choose from and we’ll often have competitions to see who can decorate them in the best style.

On other days, my school friends will come round to play whilst the parents chat over coffee. We’ll usually play dress-up – I have a gigantic box of fancy dress outfits. Once we are tired of morphing into different characters, we’ll have some lemonade and sit in the garden.

Our garden is Mum’s pride and joy; she has allowed me a little area, however. This is where my trampoline, sand pit and swings live. My friends and I will often have competitions to see who can jump the highest on the trampoline whilst the grown-ups watch from the window.”















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