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Every morning follows the same routine for me, and the first part of that routine is getting myself ready.  I take ten minutes every morning to do my hair and make-up and that is it.

I usually won’t do anything again for the rest of the day, apart from perhaps putting the lipstick back on if I go out.  Often it won’t take long before my hair has been messed up by a little person wanting to brush it for me, or my shirt has baby puke down it, or someone has wiped their runny nose on my lap but still, at least I know, for my own sake, that I made an effort.

So when I was asked if I might like to give Clinique’s new Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30 Hydrating Colour Corrector a mention I was all too happy to.  I have been a Clinique fan for over 12 years now and have found it by far the best make-up.  Long-lasting and reliable, and extremely effective when it comes to covering up the blemishes too – even covering up the chloasma I suffer during pregnancy effortlessly yet remaining natural looking.

Clinique are launching their new Moisture Surge CC Cream, which is specially designed to cover up skin imperfections, hydrate your skin effectively and also protect it with SPF 30.  It is available in six different shades and you can be one of the first to try a free sample. 

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