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Blogging is something I’ve been doing for many years now.  I still don’t consider myself an expert, but am always happy to share my experiences and the things I have learnt with others, and as I have had a few questions lately I thought I’d put some thoughts down here.

I have noticed that it isn’t just new bloggers who make the same, standard mistakes.  Some old bloggers do it too.  Here are my eight top tips for creating a better blog:


Be yourself

This is by far the most important piece of advice I can give.  Too often I see blogs which are clearly trying to mimic someone else.  Find your own style, use your own voice.  You are unique and people want to hear you, not a watered-down, extremely poor version of someone else.  No matter how highly you think of someone else, or no matter how successful their blog is, you are heading for disaster if you try to copy them instead of being you.  You are as original as they are.  Be you.


Find a topic you are interested in

There is no point writing about recipes if you don’t cook.  There is no point trying to put together crafts if you just aren’t interested in making stuff.  Write about the things you love and have a genuine interest in otherwise your blog has ended before it has begun.


Don’t write a post when you are angry

Calm down, have a cup of tea and step away from the keyboard.  If you are planning on writing something which may be ranty, try to write it objectively rather than in the midst of fury.  Plan it, write it but don’t hit publish straight away.  Go back to it in a day or two, once you’ve calmed down and then decide whether you want to proceed with posting it.


Don’t compare yourself to others

There are millions and zillions and bajillions of blogs out there.  Any one of ours takes up the teeniest, tiniest space in the blogosphere.  You’ll be better than some and worse than others.  That’s life.  Don’t compare yourself and don’t compete, just stay true (see the first point) and enjoy it (see the last point).


Post frequently

You want to keep your readers coming back?  Then post frequently.  At least twice a week would be good.


Don’t post too much

Yeah, yeah.  I know what I just said.  But if you’re not going to write anything interesting, informative, or if you just can’t be bothered and are writing for the sake of writing – take a breather.  If your readers like what you write when you write well, they’ll be back.


Don’t expect your blog to make you rich

If you’re going into blogging with a view to making your millions you might be heading down to earth with a bump.  Out of the millions and zillions and bajillions of blogs out there, very few of them will end up making millions, or even a basic living wage.  If you’re starting a blog with the sole intention of making money, you may be disappointed. If you are determined however, teaching yourself the basics of SEO is a vital step.


Enjoy it  

If you aren’t enjoying blogging, or if it’s becoming too much of a chore, step back.  Take a break and a breather – be it for a day, a week or a month.  It will still be there when you are ready to get back to it.


What tips would you add?





One thought on “8 top tips for new bloggers

  1. I think you’ve pretty much nailed it. I would also say – don’t be too quick to jump on the band wagon. I see a lot of bloggers (and I have done it too) join in with posting about whatever celebrity of the week has caused outrage. If it’s something you feel passionately about, then do it. If it’s simply to up your views and you don’t really know what you’re talking about – leave it.

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