When our family was much smaller and a new baby arrived we would examine our newest addition’s face to see which parent they most resembled.

As the family grew, it soon changed from trying to identify which parent the new baby most looked like, to which sibling they looked like.  It was no longer a case of looking like a parent, but now a question of who had Harry’s hair, Eddie’s nose or Sid’s mouth.

Mike’s genes always seemed to be very strong when it came to the kids.  Despite dark hair supposedly being more dominant, we have had several fair haired children.  And despite looking quite different to each other, they all seemed to look like him in some way or other, with resemblances between me and my own children being few and far between.

Until now!

It took ten children to get there but I think there may be a child who finally looks a little like me.

I’m not sure how old I am here but I’d guess I am somewhere around the twins’ age…



And here is Libby…



I’m pretty sure I can see some similarities between us.  The eyes perhaps.  Definitely the chubby cheeks and even chubbier thighs (not necessarily as you see in my baby photo but as I am now – except mine aren’t as cute).

What do you think?

What about you?  Are your children completely different to you or do you have a mini-doppelganger of your own?  Please share either on your own blog and link back to it in the comments below or share your pics on the Larger Family Life Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Doppelgangers

  1. She deffo does look like you!

    Charlie looks the double of Mark – has done since he was born. Alfie doesnt like any of us at all! Freddie is like my Dad and Daisy looks like my sister and my niece.
    Perhaps number 5 may resemble me?!
    Kelly x

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