Two weeks

Isobel - 2 weeks old


Today is Isobel’s 2 week birthday and how quickly that time seems to have gone.  It certainly doesn’t seem like it is two weeks ago since I was waiting to be called into theatre and now I can’t imagine life without her.

Isobel is doted on by everyone.  I love learning about this new little person we have been blessed with.  Her personality is still a secret but every day I notice something new about her, like how she has a  little squeak to her cry, and how she sometimes does a little outward sigh when she sleeps.


First snow of the winter


A smattering of the first snow of winter marked Isobel’s two week birthday.  The little ones ran to watch the big, fat flakes falling as darkness lifted this morning.  Their plans to dress warmly and build snowmen all day do not look likely to be realised as, much to their disappointment, the smattering of snow we received is already melting away.

Another disappointing reality hit home when the children settled down to their lessons as usual.  Snow days aren’t something that exist  when you home educate.  This didn’t stop Sid for preparing for the worst of the weather though, as he settled down to work fully kitted out in his clothes, dressing gown and two-sizes-too-small woolly hat.


Ready for lessons on a snow day


I have things lined up for the rest of the day, as always.  For the moment though I might continue to sit here as I type, enjoying more snuggles with Isobel as I do so.  Who knew working from home could be so much fun?







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