Our Road Trip 2013 – Will the minibus make it?

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With little over four months before we set off on our two month trip around France and Italy we are beginning to think a little more regarding our preparations.  I am determined not to repeat the preparations in the style of getting ready for Baby 12, i.e leaving them until the last moment.  I think an eleven week journey around Europe might require a little more organisation.

Our journey will be taken on our trusty minibus.  By trusty, I mean we are putting a lot of trust in it getting us from one of our stops to the next without any breakdowns, failures or problems.  The minibus has served us extremely well for the year and a half we have owned it and we hope it will continue to do so for many years yet. Worse case scenario, we could sell the vehicle though I’d rather get some more miles out of it yet.

It was previously used as transportation for a college and wasn’t it bad condition for the relatively bargain price we managed to barter it for.  Yet still, despite my fondness for our 17 seater minibus and despite its loyal dependability I can’t help but worry that it might, just might, struggle with the several hundred miles we will be asking it to perform.  Having to pay out for a replacement vehicle, or perhaps an equally dependable and trustworthy Ford just isn’t in our road trip budget.

Instead to make sure that we are as covered for all eventualities as we can possibly be, we’re looking around for the best priced European motor breakdown service.  It isn’t just the best price we need, but getting the best deal for the best price.  It’s not quite as simple as it seems, given that many do not seem to provide cover for vehicles of our size and model.  The few quotes that we have found so far have come to more than two or three of the properties we have hired for our trip combined!  Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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