The final week




It is a week tomorrow until Baby 12 arrives into the world – if all goes to schedule and baby doesn’t arrive early that is.

The thing with having a low boredom threshold like I have is that you tend to keep busy one way or the other.  I never have been one for enjoying having empty time on my hands and so my days are normally full of things that need doing.  Often not everything gets done but is carried over to the following day and sometimes I’m left wishing for more hours.  This, I believe, would be futile as I’d only be trying to cram more in.

So this week is trying to tie up all the things I haven’t done and need to do before Baby arrives.  I need to re-pack my hospital bag, taking everything out of the oversized hospital case I had originally packed and repacking it into something more manageable.  I still need to wash and pack the newborn sized cloth nappies to take to the hospital with us, and even more pressingly I need to get a move on with finishing off some customer quilt orders and doing some behind the scenes website related stuff.

I have one week to do it all.

My plans for when this next week is over are very different to this week.

Whilst this week is full of busyness and things to do and deadlines, I know that after next Thursday it will be a different story.

I’ll be doing nothing much at all.

From previous experience I know that I’ll be snoozing off on the sofa at inappropriate, unplanned moments.

I will be enjoying having a valid excuse for not being able to do much housework whilst simultaneously delegating chores and instructions on what I can see needs doing.

I will also be doing a lot of snuggling and cuddling with our beautiful new baby, and loving watching the big brothers and sisters arguing over whose turn it is to do the same.

Finally, Mike and I will be cracking open a well-deserved bottle of Dom Perignon and celebrating everything we have to celebrate.

We might be a while.

We have a lot to celebrate, after all!


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