Getting there!





Can you believe that it is exactly two weeks today until we will meet our newest member of the family?  Two weeks!  That is all!

After having been in not much of a hurry to get anything at all done I am finally pleased to report that, much like the tortoise, we are almost ready and we will get there in the end.  Well, hopefully by the 22nd!

This week’s major change has been moving the children around beds and bedrooms.  With the twins leaving our room and now sharing what was exclusively ‘The Boys Room’, and with Joseph having made his transition from cot to big boy bed, everyone has settled well.  So well, in fact, that they’re sleeping in an hour longer than they did!  Now 6.15 is the start of the new day!  Whoo-hoo!

Despite having a real cannot-be-bothered-with-anything day yesterday I still managed to get a few things done.  No doubt this was more to do with the fact that we have three straight days of filming coming up and I had visions of going into labour on camera and having nothing at all ready.  Baby 12 now not only has their white, newborn wardrobe freshly laundered and waiting (we won’t dig out the pink or blue clothes until Baby has arrived), but they also have somewhere to store it all too, thanks to my finally getting around to sorting out the drawers.

My hospital bag is almost packed.


I spent a fair old time looking around for a grown up flannel to pack in my toiletry bag.  After this fair old time (probably about 37 seconds in total) I grabbed one of the Gruffalo flannels instead.  I am clearly past the point of worrying what anyone will think of me during my hospital stay and am more concerned that I will have some way of freshening up and scrubbing my aching, sore body down after the c-section.  It was either the Gruffalo or one of the dishcloths I have been knitting this week.  The Gruffalo won, although I haven’t yet completely overlooked the possibility of a dishcloth coming along for the ride too.

I can’t think of anything else I’ve missed but no doubt there will be something or other.  But for now, I’ll rest assured that we are several steps closer to being ready than we were yesterday.

Not a bad thing at all.


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