What to buy for the hard-to-buy-for? Ask Her Friends

    Christmas is approaching and people up and down the country are faced with a frantic few weeks (or maybe just days – even hours!) of gift-buying for the special people in their lives.  But what if you just don’t have a clue what they’d like? Does your mum, daughter, wife or sister have everything or are they just really awkward to buy for?  How good is your husband at finding your perfect gift?  Or does he need a little help? A new website is combining the convenience of online shopping along with the benefits of social media to allow you to find the ideal present for the difficult-to-buy-for woman.



Using the two part process, you can use the Idea Map to answer the questions and be provided with some suggestions– whether you need something for your friend, sister, wife or mother.  Perhaps she’d like something for the home, something a little unique and different or maybe she’d just like to keep under wraps with some luxurious accessories.  With so many stores to choose from you won’t find a lack of inspiration.  In fact, you may even find yourself becoming overwhelmed with the vast array of products to choose from.  And this is where step two of the process comes in!



Part two allows you to garner the support and feedback from your recipient’s friends and family – other people who know her well and can give you some ideas you may not otherwise have thought about. Once you have created your list through the Idea Map take a look through and make some changes.  Add your own ideas and remove those you know are out of the question.  Name your list and state the date you need feedback by.  Then simply share it either by a Facebook private message, a tweet, a link or via email.  Friends can then leave their own feedback and suggestions, allowing you to make the final decision on the perfect present.

Now there’s no excuse not to give – or receive – the ideal gift!





(Article brought to you in association with Ask Her Friends)


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